The normalizer Ahmed Al-Faraj: A reflection of the Saudi regime’s stance towards Israel

The normalizer Ahmed Al-Faraj: A reflection of the Saudi regime’s stance towards Israel

An unusual incident in the Arab countries in general, and in Saudi Arabia in particular, is when Saudi columnists praised of the government of the occupation state after Mohamed bin Salman assumed power.

The normalizer Ahmed Al-Faraj

The Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Faraj wrote an article praising Netanyahu, the head of the occupation government who criticized the nuclear deal with Iran during his speech at the US Congress, considering it a rare boldness.

The Saudi journalist Ahmed Al-Faraj wrote an article praising Netanyahu

Al-Faraj opened his article by saying that Netanyahu had received an invitation from a congressman to deliver a speech before the US Congress, stressing that Netanyahu’s strong presence will limit the nuclear deal with Iran, and he hoped Netanyahu would succeed in convincing them to reject the agreement.

“Until Netanyahu is pleased

The words that the Prophet repeated for his Lord, Al-Faraj used it to praise the position of the head of the Israeli occupation government, making it the title of his article. His actions stirred anger amongst the Arab public opinion in general and the Saudi public in particular, according to Arab social media platforms. The Gulf and the Saudi people rejected this position as Netanyahu is just a war criminal at the head of an occupying country.

Despite this, Al-Faraj republished his article after apologizing for the title, but he praised Netanyahu even more, as he stressed that Netanyahu stands in the face of the extremist groups supported by Iran, and that Israel is important for the stability of the region. He openly declared his position against the Arab Spring revolutions that brought down a number of tyrannical Arab regimes in the region, while Al-Faraj mourns about it, like other writers, who praise the Paranoiac authority in the Arab countries.

Al-Faraj was against revolutions as he rejects political Islam used by terrorist organizations, as he claims.

“Netanyahu will serve our interests in the Gulf”

In an attempt to accept Netanyahu and the occupation state as a partner that puts the interests of the Arabs first, Al-Faraj said that Netanyahu “will serve our interests more than others,” and even more than the American system, which has been a remarkable partner to the Kingdom. He demanded his readers to agree with him that Netanyahu must be a strategic partner.

It is worth noting that the apology he wrote made things even worse, as he revealed his ideas about the Zionist occupation state and the occupied Arab state of Palestine. He even said that he had no hatred for the state of Israel and he does not have any sympathy for the people of the State of Palestine. He considered the Palestinian resistance as a terrorist organization, especially when the Bin Salman government arrested a number of Hamas members residing in Saudi Arabia, which have not been released until now.

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