“Normalisation agreements would stop annexing lands and end violations against Palestinians”

“Normalisation agreements would stop annexing lands and end violations against Palestinians”




Ahmed Aboul Gheit, secretary of the Arab League and the person in charge of protecting Palestine justified the crime of normalization agreements by the UAE and Bahrain claiming that it was in favor of the Palestinians because it stopped annexing the Palestinian lands.

He added, “I understand the fears of the people of Palestine regarding the normalization agreement between Israel and the Emirates, but I actually saw that the Israeli annexation in the West Bank had stopped immediately after the agreement that took place, which means that there is no return to settlement expansion again.”

He stressed that all Arab countries will take a serious stance against Israel if it decided to annex new Palestinian lands.

Only a few months after the treason and conclusion of the normalization agreements, the whole world woke up to the crimes of the Zionists in Jerusalem, and their attempt to steal and annex new Palestinian lands, which resulted in clashes between the occupation Zionists and Palestinians.

The Zionists have desecrated Al-Aqsa Mosque and attempted to forcibly enter the Zionist settlers into the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood and Al-Aqsa Mosque, which prompted the people of Jerusalem to march towards the area in tens of thousands to stop the settlement process and desecration of Al-Aqsa Mosque. What is the current position of the new normalizers towards these violations?


The position of the normalizers

The UAE government condemned the aggression of the Israeli occupation state, calling it to stop the escalation against the people of Jerusalem; however, it did not criminalize the Israeli expansion and settlement process in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood, especially since the occupation government has proven the lies of the UAE’s statement, in which it said that it had agreed to stop all annexation of new lands to the Zionist settlements before signing the agreement.

The occupation government issued a statement expecting Netanyahu to implement full sovereignty over all West Bank settlements and to strengthen settlement operations, by confiscating new Palestinian property and lands, after he had agreed to build more than five thousand new settlement units in the West Bank, just two weeks after the signing of the normalization agreement between the UAE, Bahrain and the Zionist occupation.


Imprudent Propaganda

Many analysts have criticized the UAE regime’s betrayal of the first cause of all Arabs and Muslims and revealed that the UAE’s statements in which it claims are nothing but false allegations by which the Emirati regime tries to wash its hands from the blood of the people Jerusalem, who are being killed every day with the arms of the Zionist occupation.

The occupation state denied the allegations of the UAE and stated that it only agreed to ‘postpone’ the annexation according to the decision of the Israeli government, and the normalization agreement has nothing to do with the settlements.

48 hours after the Israeli statement, Anwar Gargash, the UAE Foreign Minister, came out to confirm that stopping settlement expansion and annexing Palestinian lands was the main condition for signing the normalization agreement with the occupying Zionist entity.

Despite Gargash’s statements, the Zionist entity government announced its adherence to the settlement operations and the completion of the annexation of Palestinian lands to occupied settlements, which is happening today in full view of the whole world, by using arms and killing the innocent people.

Did the people of Palestine benefit anything from the agreements of treason and normalization? Did the enemies stop the annexation or stop the blood-shedding, or was it an official green light from the UAE and its allies to the Zionist entity to continue Judaizing Jerusalem and building new settlements?!


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