Loujain Al-Hathloul Forces Emirati Normaliser Abdul Khaleq Abdullah to Admit Legitimacy of the Palestinian cause


A fierce discussion between Loujain Al-Hathloul and the Emirati academic Abdul Khaleq Abdullah, a supporter of normalization between UAE and Bahrain with the Israeli occupation entity, took place on Twitter.

Loujain is a Saudi activist in the field of women’s rights, who suffered unjust imprisonment under Mohammed bin Salman’s rule for three years, during which she encountered many violations, injustice, and torture. Loujain’s interactions with Abdul Khaleq’s tweets received many interactions of other people as she rejects normalization with the occupation state as a moral, humanitarian, Arab and Islamic principle.

The responses began after Abdullah shared a tweet that said, “An official Emirati statement this week; the Emirates demanded Israel to stop the acts of violence in the occupied Jerusalem and stressed the need to preserve the historical identity of occupied Jerusalem.”

Loujain responded with a tweet in which she said, “Are these signs of retreating from normalization? ”?

Thousands of young people interacted with her tweet and spoke about the treason led by the UAE to the Palestinian cause and the occupied Jerusalem.

Abdullah then shared another tweet saying “normalization does not mean abandoning the Palestinian cause, the most legitimate cause in history,”. Twitter users commended Loujain for making him say these words, which definitely won’t be liked by his masters in the UAE, while others believed that he would delete it as soon as he receives orders to remove it.

Loujain went on asking saying “I am aware of how you based your decision on normalization (and I have not made up my mind about the matter yet), but I have a number of questions: Does not normalization give legitimacy to the occupation from the economic and security perspective? ”

The attacks this time targeted Loujain who spent 1001 days in the prisons of Saudi Arabia and was subjected to torture, harassment, and solitary isolation in grave cells.

Twitter users asked Loujain the reasons for her doubts about normalization or that she needs to study the matter, to which she responded by saying “My position on the Palestinian cause has been known for years. I am just trying to understand the new arena after three years of isolation from society. I am sorry if I caused any pain to those who were persecuted in their homelands, and I apologize to them.”

Tweeters sympathized with Loujain following her last tweet in which she rejected all kinds of injustice and supporting those who have a rightful cause.

As for Abdullah who has a long record of justification for every mistake done by the UAE regime, he was exposed to being so weak as a normalization supporter facing a wave of anger and rejection to normalization with the Israeli occupation entity.

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