Minister of Tolerance with the Zionists and incitement against their opponents

“We work according to teachings of Islam and what our father Sheikh Zayed commanded us to do. We tolerate everyone. We welcome the Pope, all sects and religions, and we do not treat people on an ethnic, sectarian or religious basis.”.

This is part of a televised statement by Nahyan bin Mubarak, Minister of Tolerance in the government of the UAE, commenting on the UAE’s hosting of controversial national and international people in the Arab and Islamic world.

The UAE has announced 2019 as a year for tolerance with all. Jewish and Hindu figures who hands are stained with the blood of peoples in general and Muslims in particular are living inside UAE and inside its palaces as well.

The Emirati Minister of Tolerance, who welcomed the hosting of all these personalities, did not ask the people who were destroyed by his government to forgive them for the crimes they committed in those countries.

In Egypt, which the UAE government managed its military coup from the palaces of Dubai, the military coup against the government of the revolution headed by Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was funded by billions.

In Yemen, which was turned it into a state on the margins of life; it suffers from poverty and disease, after it displaced hundreds of thousands of its citizens in hope of seizing its ports.

 In Turkey, it supported the attempted coup against the government of justice and development, resulting in killing more than two hundred people.

All these crimes were not enough for the Emirati Minister of Tolerance to see the ongoing crimes of his country. He welcomed the normalization agreement with Israel, which occupied the Arab Islamic State of Palestine, and started talking about peace and tolerance with everyone, but he did not mention those inciting statements against the Palestinians, particularity the Palestinian resistance!

The minister celebrated the opening of his country’s borders to the Jews, but he did not mention closing it in for thirteen Islamic countries, of course after they had previously closed the borders against the people of Palestine, to support the Zionist occupation state.

Emirati tolerance! What about the right of the Palestinian people to build their independent state and fight the aggression against them? What about thousands of children with disabilities due to the Israeli bombing of Gaza? What about hundreds of children who have been imprisoned in the occupation prisons for many years?  What about mothers of martyrs, and families of the prisoners??

The Emirati law of tolerance can only support dictatorial regimes and undercuts peoples’ rights; otherwise it would have had another position from the occupation state.

The distorted thoughts of the Emirati Minister of Tolerance prompted him to assault a British woman and try to rape her, and when he denied these accusations, she went on TV and gave details of everything he did with her, making it a global scandal for him.

How could the Minister of Tolerance have morals of criminals and harassers, while he is supposed to be spreading the spirit of love and affection between the peoples of the earth in general and the Arab region in particular?

According to the British citizen Caitlin McNamara, 32, the Emirati Minister of Tolerance Nahyan bin Mubarak, 69, sexually harassed her at a festival organized in Abu Dhabi after she received an invitation to arrange the Valentine’s Day exhibition.

“It was horrific and too bad.”, said the manager of the institution in which the victim of the Emirati minister worked for.

The victim of the Minister of Tolerance also said that he called her on the phone and invited her to a dinner party and she agreed to the invitation but she never knew know that it would turn into a sexual scandal.

 After she arrived and the minister welcomed her, he gave her a luxurious gift “Tag Heuer diamond watch” worth 4,500 dollars. Then he offered her alcohol and started to feel her body and assaulted her.

With these manners the UAE regime made its normalization agreement with the occupation state, attacked the people of Palestine, devastated Yemen, and killed democracy in Egypt, then with bravado calls for tolerance and spreading peace.

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