Despite the Israeli attacks in Jerusalem.. UAE heads an Israeli newspaper


Emirati journalist Mahmoud Al-Awadi announced that he will be the editor-in-chief of an Arab-Hebrew media platform from Israel, launched on Saturday, May 08, thus becoming the first Arab to head an Israeli media outlet.


On Thursday, Al-Awadi – the regional director of the online newspaper “Elaph in the Gulf” published this tweet: “A new step and a beginning of a different experience for me, after I became the first editor-in-chief of an Arab-Israeli media platform issued from Israel, and I will share more details about the platform within hours.”


Al-Awadi told “eremnews” website that the new platform will be officially launched in two days and that the work team consists of Arab and Israeli journalists and it will initially be in Arabic and Hebrew, followed by an English version at a later stage. He stressed that the platform “is not political and it will focus on art, sports, economy, tourism, medicine, and universities, pointing out that Israeli businessmen are behind the funding of the platform, aiming to open a communication channel with the Arab world”.


His statements make it clear that he will never reveal the ugly face of the occupation and the Arab traitors who collaborate with them.

The platform will never mention the “Palestinian Cause” or the violations of the occupation entity.

The announcement of this platform coincided with the end of the time period set by the Supreme Occupation Court for the families of the Palestinian Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood to reach an agreement with the Zionist settlers to discuss how the Palestinians would evacuate their homes before the court extended the deadline until next Monday. This decision was followed by incursions from settlers and barbaric violence by the occupation soldiers against the residents of Jerusalem and against the worshipers in the Al-Aqsa Mosque, which was stormed without any respect for its sanctity on the blessed Friday.


The case of Sheikh Jarrah should make traitors reconsider their normalization and legitimizing relations with the occupation if they really wanted to spread peace.


The current situation is the greatest evidence that the occupation does not want peace and will not allow it. It seeks with all possible means to start a war.


Al-Awadi’s platform is not the first of its kind, as the Emirates News Agency “WAM” previously signed a cooperation agreement with the Israeli “TPS” agency last April to strengthen cooperation between the two sides and exchange news on developments of the bilateral cooperation between the two sides.


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