The Comedian Duraid Lahham: Supporter of Assad and Normalisation with Israel

The Comedian Duraid Lahham: Supporter of Assad and Normalisation with Israel

In an interview with the CNN, the famous comedian Duraid Lahham, 80, said that he supports normalisation with the Zionist entity only if it is based on the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative. Lahham who was known for his severe criticism of the Israeli occupation claimed that his position has changed, as he is fully aware that normalisation is inevitably.

Lahham, a man who claimed over the years to support Arab unity and the formation of a single Arab unit against the Israeli occupation state, for his love for the homeland and working for its benefit has become a supporter of the enemy and a murderer of the dreams of the youths of Syria. The supporter of the massacres of Bashar’s regime welcomes normalisation, while refusing the return of Syria to the Arab League, which failed him at a time when western regimes supported it.

His position on the Syrian revolution

Lahham’s stance was not very shocking for shocking, given his opinion on the Syrian revolution which he considered to be the reason for ruining Syria and for all the crisis in the country, claiming that the revolution was funded by foreign countries to destroy Syria and strike its stability.

He claimed that protests during the Arab Spring in 2011 destroyed half of Syria, as it was not a revolution to reform the country, but rather a struggle over power, adding that revolution should be through raising voices against the government not through bombs, cannons and bullets against the government.

Lahham never criticized the Syrian regime, which faced the peaceful marches with aircraft and barrel bombs, thus killing nearly a million Syrians and deserting millions of others in order to remain in power, as well as welcoming Iran, Hezbollah and Russia. He blamed the opposition and revolutionaries alone for the Syrian crisis.

With the Regime all Along

Lahham, who is known to always support the Syrian regime, his statements shocked even Al-Assad’s supporters, when he welcomed the normalization between Syria and the Israeli occupation state.

It is worth noting that the Jusoor Center for Studies stated that a meeting took place between Bashar Al-Assad and a high-ranking Israeli delegation sponsored by Moscow. The meeting took place at the end of last year, at the Hmeimim base in Latakia countryside in western Syria with the aim of rapprochement between the Syrian regime and the Israeli occupation state.

Normalization’s Market

The wave of normalization began last September after the UAE and the State of Bahrain announced normalization with the Israeli occupation, under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, which was hosted by the White House. Since the signing of the normalization agreement, Sudan hastened to normalize as well at the instigation of Sisi’s regime and Bin Zayed’s regime.

Morocco also restored its relations with the occupation state after cutting it in 2000 following the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising. Currently, there are talks about an imminent normalization between Saudi Arabia and the occupation state after meetings between Saudi and Israeli delegations, and a meeting of Bin Salman and Netanyahu in the city of Neom.

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