Peace of the Neighbors … Nouman Al-Shaery, The Tunisian who Ended His Career Before It Begins

Peace of the Neighbors Nouman Al-Shaery, The Tunisian who Ended His Career Before It Begins

“Art is a humanitarian field that is not linked to political stances.” Thus, the Tunisian “Nouman El Sheary”, who considers himself an “artist”, commented on the harsh criticism directed at the song of shame “Peace of the Neighbors”, which he performed with the Zionist singer, Ziv Yehezkel. The song is an explicit call for normalization with the occupying entity, opening a new page of brotherhood. He tried to convince the public that peace with Israel is the key to the prosperity of our countries.

Peace of the Neighbors

I wonder, what is the relation between political stances with the anger of the people? Is rejecting normalization with the occupying entity a political stance? Is our struggle with the occupation entity political? Is it related to dividing wealth of the nations or determining the system of governance and the articles of the constitution?

Your song calls for harmony and brotherhood be upheld, and any grudge erased, as you said, “Grudges hinder my construction”. Is killing defenseless women and children considered humanity? Is getting angry for them a political stance? Is claiming their rights and seeking to usurp it an adherence to war? Is killing them, displacing them and shedding their blood are steps on the road to peace? Can you not hear their screams while you sing calling for being kind to their killers?

The occupying entity you want normalization with is based on hostile political stances to everything that is Arabic. It committed crimes against humanity against our Palestinian people and Arab peoples, such as Egypt, Syria and Lebanon, so how do you call for not dealing with them in a way that they are the first to establish, strengthen, and ruled by it in our modern era.

Peace of the Neighbors

The most provocative in that song is the beginning where Noaman says “I am an Arab, I believe in all the homelands”, then came the part about the Zionist “Ziv” – whose country is fake, his peace is fake, and his songs are fake as well – to speak this fakeness as a Jew, as he said, “I am a Jew, Torah is my book …. My history clarifies my ancestry”!

Do we seem to have any problem with the Jewish religion? Is our enmity towards them just because they are Jews? And if the goal is interfaith peace, why were national identities involved in this work? Why did Al-Shaery speak as an Arab, and why was the work filled with symbols and slogans of the occupying entity? Why has religion been pushed into this to get the sympathy of the Arab peoples who sanctify everything that is sacred? Why are we asked not to defend our identity or our Islamic sanctities because -according to the traitorous normalization advocates- there is a difference we must not overlook between nationalism and religion!!

The title of the song is also provocative.. “Peace of the Neighbors”.. Under which pretext are could they become our neighbors? Neither they are our neighbors, nor are we cousins; if we really are, did they consider this kinship when they killed us? Assume that they are our cousins; do I forget my brother’s blood that my cousin shed? What is the logic in that? How we live with honor after losing our land, honor, and seeing the blood of the father, son and grandfather shed?

The Zionists seized our land, but would they also seize our friendliness? They forced us to war, but are they going to force us to have peace by force? Can love be forced? Noaman should have used his talent to seek redress for the victims of our Palestinian brothers, instead of falling into the arms of the “Arab Council for Regional Integration” which produced the song, a council that has a Zionist background, headed by the two American Zionists, Dennis Ross, and Joseph Brady. This council, backed by the United States, works on normalizing relations between the Arab peoples and the Zionists while forgetting and overlooking the crimes and atrocities of this usurper entity.

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