Khalaf Al-Habtoor … a Zionist in an Emirati dress

Khalaf Al-Habtoor … a Zionist in an Emirati dress

Khalaf bin Ahmed Al-Habtoor, a 71-year-old billionaire, born in Dubai, UAE. His ID papers indicate that he is an Arab, however, all his actions indicate that he is a Zionist who supports an entity, which never existed before, but rather imposed itself on the world. Al-Habtoor, his speeches, ideas, orientations, and actions indicate that he is an Israeli, more than the Israelis themselves are.

He openly called for the normalization of relations with the occupying entity before the autocrats in his country declare that. He never missed any international, local, or even private occasion to speak about the need to have peace with Israel, even if Israel refused. His justification was that the future of the nation and its stability depends on the Israeli approval and the legalization of relations with the Zionists.

Khalaf Al-Habtoor

Two sides of a dirty coin

The biography of Al-Habtoor has a lot of contradicting statements regarding his position on the practices of the Israeli occupation against the afflicted Palestinian people, and his positions on the occupation state itself. He considers Israel to be advanced and developed, one must benefit from and deepen relations with it, being – as far as he described – the savior of the nation from many security, economic and political dangers.

Al-Habtoor has contradictory positions, but the reality is that he is two sides of a dirty coin. With an examination of the hidden meanings of his stances and statements, they are all serving the interests of the occupation entity and paving the way for it to infiltrate further into the Arab nation. He provides aid to the Palestinians, denounces the violations that they face. On the other hand, he asks them to give up the idea of ​​establishing an independent state and accept Israel – because according to him- it is in the best interest for Palestine and the nation for Israel to remain, as it will provide the nation with peace, security and stability.

Builds with one hand and destroys with the other

Simply Al-Habtoor builds with one hand and destroys with the other. He did not deny that the Palestinians are afflicted people, oppressed, suffering from many crises and calamities. He helps them with financial aids and tries to show humanitarian solidarity with them.  However; he does not hesitate to stress on the right of the Israelis to integrate with the Arab societies, to participate in their activities, and to accept them and search for ways to coexist with them, because -according to his opinion- there is no chance for Palestinian refugees to return to their homes from which they were displaced since 1948. Therefore, let us welcome, support, sacrifice for Israel.

Justice, according to Al-Habtoor, is that whoever resides in a land has the right to remain in it, as long as he is a Zionist; as long as he succeeded in seizing it, and no consolation for the Palestinians.

Khalaf Al-Habtoor … a Zionist in an Emirati dress

Peace for him means no enmity towards Israel, even if Israel was the Enemy, and its practices are wars. For him supporting victims and help them get their rights and lands back, is a waste of time and effort and revokes peace.

The stability of the Arab nation, according to Al-Habtoor, is to cooperate with Israel for its economy to prosper and become among the developed nations. He says believing that the occupying entity will allow us to take one step forward, and that the cold wars suffered by the grieving peoples will not end disappear except with the consolidation of relations with the Zionists, who constantly destroying our nation.

All Al-Habtoor’s statements suggest that he does not see security, safety, stability and peace except by cooperating with Israel. Simply, he wants us to live free in the occupation prisons.

Is this freedom? Is this the desired peace? Is this what he seeks to live?

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