Mohamed VI is to receive Netanyahu on an unprecedented visit

Mohamed VI is to receive Netanyahu on an unprecedented visit

News reports stated that the King of Morocco, Mohammed VI, issued an official invitation to the Prime Minister of the state of 0ccupation, Benjamin Netanyahu, to visit Morocco, in response to a invitation of Netanyahu to the Moroccan king to visit “Tel Aviv” after the normalization agreement.

الكشف عن “وسيط” التطبيع بين المغرب وإسرائيل – السياسي

The Israeli newspaper “Maariv”, confirmed the official Moroccan-Israeli communications, and added that Mohammed VI stipulated that resumption of peace negotiations between the Palestinians and the Israelis will be announced , as a pretext to justify his position on normalization and to claim that it it in favor of the Palestinians.

المغرب وإسرائيل يطبعان العلاقات: أبرز ردود الفعل العربية والعالمية

The newspaper stated that the Moroccan kind also requested a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas during the visit, adding that David Goffrin, the new head of the Israeli liaison office in Rabat, will work on achieving this visit.

The Moroccan king wants to use his position as head of the Jerusalem Committee to restore his country’s position in mediating in the peace agreement with Egypt and pushing for the Oslo and Casablanca agreements. The king’s personal intervention aims to emphasize his position before the new US administration, according to the newspaper which also added that “the king seeks to ensure that the Biden administration does not stop recognizing Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, stressing that the Moroccan monarch is also looking forward to investing his capacity as head of the Jerusalem Committee, and hopes that he will be able to pray at the Al-Aqsa Mosque during his potential visit, which should not be opposed by the Jewsih state, as Morocco and Israel are planning to open two liaison offices in Tel Aviv and Rabat, by the end of this month.”

المغرب رابع دولة عربية تنضم إلى التطبيع الكامل مع إسرائيل - aljaridapost

Ironically, the Mufti of Jerusalem, Mohamed Ahmad Hussein, could make this wish difficult to achieve as he controls the mosque, and in August 2020 he issued a fatwa prohibiting citizens of Arab countries that normalized their relations with Israel from coming to pray at Al-Aqsa.

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