A Moroccan Delegation Visits the Occupation State

A Moroccan Delegation Visits the Occupation State

Selling the Cause for A Cheap Price

Following the visit of the Israeli delegation of the occupation state to Rabat to consolidate relations with Morocco, the Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that a Moroccan delegation will soon be visiting Tel Aviv to strengthen relations between countries following the signing of the normalisation agreement.

A Moroccan Delegation Visits the Occupation State

This statement came after a call between Netanyahu and King Mohamed the sixth, during which they discussed opening offices to facilitate flights between the two countries.

The Price of Treason

Washington granted Rabat many advantages including the recognition of the sovereignty of Morocco over the disputed Western Sahara.

 Visits the Occupation State

In the same context, Moroccan officials said that Morocco will restore relations between Tel Aviv and Rabat, after Morocco had frozen it in 2000 in solidarity with the Palestinians.

The Moroccan monarch praised the strong relations with the Jewish community in Morocco, where the largest Jewish community in North Africa live, with about three thousand Jews.

تفاصيل أربع إتفاقيات شراكة إقتصادية وتجارية تاريخية بين المغرب وإسرائيل -  زنقة 20

The French News Agency also revealed that – according to a private source- the Moroccan delegation arrived in Tel Aviv a few days after the signing of the normalization agreement, to sign several cooperative agreements under the auspices of Washington. The source also said that the Moroccan delegation will remain in Tel Aviv until a technical delegation joins them there.

Morocco has signed three agreements with the delegation of the occupying entity, which included the return of direct flights between Rabat and Tel Aviv, the management of water resources, the exemption of visas for the citizens of the two countries, as well as trade and major investments between the two countries, and the reopening of diplomatic offices.

The Support of the US State Department

Mike Pompeo of the US State Department stated that Washington has already begun preparations to open a consulate in Western Sahara and will be supporting the settlement of disputes between Morocco and the Polisario to enable the Moroccan rule.

Pompeo also announced that Washington had agreed to Morocco’s sovereignty over the Sahara after officially abandoning its past policy towards that case.

He stressed that his country would open a virtual place within days until it establishes its consulate there to support economic and social development plans and start operating with an entire consulate staff.

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