Mohamed Al Khaja: The Unprecedented Shame

Mohamed Al Khaja: The Unprecedented Shame

Once again, affiliates of the UAE system affirm that they deserve titles of treachery and betrayal.

Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, the first ambassador of the UAE to Israel, and although he is not the first Arab ambassador to the occupying entity, he is the first to attempt to consolidate the bonds of love and strengthen relations between the Zionists and the Arabs, thus surpassing his predecessor, and perhaps those who come after him.

Al-Khaja was sworn in, last Sunday, in front of Sheikh Mohamed bin Rashid, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.

On the first day of assuming the position, he wrote a tweet in Arabic, Hebrew and English, saying: “I am pleased to launch my official account on Twitter as the first ambassador of  the UAE is to the State of Israel”.

Mohamed Al Khaja: The Unprecedented Shame

Many Arab ambassadors assumed leadership of diplomatic missions between their countries and the occupying state, but none of them took pride in this position as Al-Khaja did. At least none of them overlooked their being Arabs belonging to countries wishing to implement the 2002 Arab Peace Initiative that uphold the right of Palestinians to return and the establishment of an independent state with Jerusalem as its capital, unlike Al-Khaja, who seems to only believe in what is known as the “deal of the century”, which aims to eliminate all that is Palestinian of land, people, history and civilization.

Three tweets since creating the account on Wednesday, shared by Al-Khaja in which he did not mention anything about Palestine, the wasted rights of the Palestinians,  or putting an end to the violations of the Israeli occupation against the defenceless Palestinian people.

He only praised Israel, and was proud of his country’s embassy inside Israel, an embassy that is being built on usurped Palestinian lands, which he overlooked as well.

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In one of his tweets, Al-Khaja expressed his pride of Israel in fighting the Coronavirus, which he said that it is at the forefront of countries implementing the vaccination programs in the world. He praised its role in saving lives, forgetting or that it is being racist against the Palestinians inside the occupied territories as it denies them vaccinations.

Moreover, Israel prevented the vaccines from being delivered to Gaza, which is already suffering from the blockade imposed on it for a decade and a half, yet it seems that he does not recognize the presence of the Palestinians in the first place.

The Emirati ambassador also expressed his aspiration “to work with Israeli officials to strengthen bilateral cooperation in all fields, and to spread the values ​​of peace and coexistence between the peoples of the two countries.”. He wrote this while being fully aware and convinced that Israel can achieve peace, despite its that its existence only brings wars, rapes and endless violations.

The UAE regime is determined to carry the flag of shame and lead the Arab world towards shame and treason.

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