Has Abu Dhabi turned into a marketing company for normalization agreements?

Has Abu Dhabi turned into a marketing company for normalization agreements?

Despite the hardships and the ongoing war, the Yemeni people strongly rejected the statements of Aidaroos Al-Zubaidi, head of the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen, in which he expressed his readiness to normalize with the occupation state.

Political analysts stated that this statement was backed by the UAE which encourages the Council to normalize relations with the occupation state, as the UAE is now working as a marketing company to promote normalization and acceptance of Israel in the Arab and Muslim worlds, which came at a time when UAE launched a fierce war against the Palestinians and the resistance.

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The analysts also explained that controlling Yemen by Saudi Arabia and the UAE is in the interest of the occupying state and the two countries in the short term, however, the ongoing war will be a scourge for the two countries, especially the State of Saudi Arabia in the long term.

The UAE had taken a separate course for itself in the Yemen war, as it took control of Socotra Island, the western coast, and the ports. Mohamed bin Zayed used tried to promote the idea of independent south of Yemen, however, his economic goals and ambitions were soon revealed as the UAE has always been keen on acquiring the port of Aden before the war.

Therefore, analysts expected that the statement made by Al-Zubaidi had been agreed upon in advance, or were planned in Abu Dhabi’s palaces for the occupying state to normalize with the entire Arab region, as it did with Sudan and Bahrain.

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Experts affirmed that this came against the wish of the Saudi Crown Prince Bin Salman, however, he agrees on Yemen normalizing with the occupation state.

Experts also stated that Al-Zubaidi’s statement is an implicit message to Bin Zayed and the UAE that he tends to prefer being a follower to their governments than that of Bin Salman’s, given the economic, social, and political crisis in Saudi Arabia which erupted ever since Bin Salman came to power.

The head of the Southern Transitional Council in Yemen preferred to ally with the UAE to enable him to control southern Yemen. The major goals of the UAE are to control the Red Sea and the ports of the south, while the goals of Saudi Arabia are for Yemen to remain weak, disseminated, and unstable.

Al-Zubaidi’s statement was strongly criticized by Yemenis who refused normalization with the occupation state, surrendering to the UAE, or dividing Yemen into two states as Bin Zayed has been promoting.

Yemenis strongly believe that handing the south to the UAE is tantamount to handing it over to the Israeli occupation, following the official normalization agreement between Abu Dhabi and Tel Aviv.

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