Hamad bin Khalifa: Humiliated over Partnership of Beitar Jerusalem

    Hamad bin Khalifa:  Humiliated over Partnership of Beitar Jerusalem

Recently the Emirati businessman, Prince Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan rushed to invest his money with the Zionists following the normalisation agreement his family concluded with the occupying entity. He broke many barriers built with blood spilt of innocent Palestinians for many years as he decided to buy half of the “Beitar Jerusalem” club, the symbol of racism and fanaticism in Israel.

Hamad bin Khalifa

More recently, the member of the Emirati royal family received a strong slap from his new allies, as the Israeli Football Association suddenly decided to freeze the deal despite the sacrifices, he made with fabricating history and recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

Immediately after normalization, the Emirati prince sought to acquire half of the Israeli club, and bought it from its Zionist owner, Moshe Hogeig, for $ 92 million, stressing that his choice of this club was for its sporting history and its strategic location in the city of Jerusalem, which he called “the capital of Israel”, which was described by Israeli newspapers as “controversial.”

Hamad bin Khalifa:  Humiliated over Partnership of Beitar Jerusalem

This partnership was met with strong criticism attack by the Arab peoples who never agreed to normalization and also by the club fans that turned it into a club of hatred for Arabs and Muslims. They even named it “the largest racist club in the world”.

The ” Beitar Jerusalem” fans strongly rejected this deal. They raised offensive banners for the new owner and his family, chanting anti-Arab and anti-Muslim phrases, and chanted against the Prophet Mohamed as well.

They marched against the agreement, which they described as defiling the club and affecting its purity, since they consider anything Arabic as impure, and they boast that they are the only club that does not have Arab players, so how can an Arab own this club!

Our friendly cousins, as normalisers call them, threatened to boycott the club and even burn it down as they did before after hiring a Muslim player from Chechnya on December 07, 2020.

The Israeli Football Association decided to indefinitely freeze the deal because of doubts about the source of the Sheikh’s money.

Hamad bin Khalifa Al Nahyan decided to leave the opportunities in the great Arab world, and to fall, and fall in the arms of the Zionists, thinking that peace and security will prevail but they discovered that these are delusions.

The money of the Emirati Sheikh could not buy him the love of hearts that bears nothing but hatred against everything that is Arab. He extended his hand to them with peace and they cut it off for him.

Ibn Khalifa should have been well aware that whoever bends his forehead to the enemy will always be placed under their shoes.

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