Fruits of Normalization: Emirati Researcher Joins Israeli Newspaper

Fruits of Normalization: Emirati Researcher Joins Israeli Newspaper

Today, Zionist media revealed the joining of that Emirati writer and researcher Najat Al-Saeed to the Israeli newspaper “|Israel Hayom” of Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the Occupied Entity. This announcement was to culminate her efforts with the newspaper. Several months ago, Al-Saeed participated in a conference held by the same newspaper, and she participated in a number of other Israeli conferences and forums, according to the Israeli Channel Seven.

Emirati - Najat Al-Saeed

 Al-Saeed joined the Israel Hayom media group as a commentator and columnist. On Sunday, the newspaper published her first article under the title “Abraham Agreements, A Red Card for Extremists”.

Al-Saeed works as a researcher at the Emirates Centre for Strategic Studies and Research, in the capital, Abu Dhabi. She is also a columnist for the Emirati newspaper Al-Ittihad, and she writes for the US satellite channel Al-Hurra, which specializes in news.

نجاة السعيد صحفية إماراتية تنضم إلى طاقم صحيفة إسرائيلية | وطن يغرد خارج  السرب

Zionist Media Praises

Boaz Basmut, editor-in-chief of “Israel Hayom” newspaper, expressed his great satisfaction with this step taken by Al-Saeed, describing her agreement to work in a media team affiliated with his occupying country as a unique step.

He told the Israeli public opinion “Al-Saeed’s presence in our media team is an important message of peace for the entire Israeli, Emirati and Arab community”.

UAE-Zionist Cultural Cooperation

Last September, Emirati Minister of Culture and Youth, Noura Al Kaabi, announced the launch of cultural cooperation activities between UAE and the Israeli occupation state, where she described the normalization agreement between the two sides as an agreement based on spreading love, peace values ​​and the spirit of cooperation and tolerance between societies and countries. .

On September 15, 2020, the UAE and Bahrain under US sponsorship signed the normalization agreement with the occupation state at the US White House. This step came as one of Trump’s achievements in favour of the State of Israel.

The UAE also marketed the normalization agreements with the Zionist occupation state, and Bahrain, Sudan, and Morocco followed suit.

It is noteworthy that two years ago Abdel Fattah El-Sisi called for expanding the peace agreement with Israel in order to preserve, protect and secure the Israeli citizen. This came after the occupation state supported his coup against the elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi with the financial support of the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

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