From Abu Dhabi This is Tel Aviv

From Abu Dhabi This is Tel Aviv

On Sunday UAE started importing goods made in Israeli settlements, in the occupied Palestinian lands, making the trade exchange agreements with the occupying entity come into effect.

الإعلام الإسرائيلي يكشف عن فحوى أول وثيقة رسمية بين الإمارات وإسرائيل - RT  Arabic

On December 4, 2020, four agreements were signed to export settlement products to Abu Dhabi through the Emirati company “FAM”, owned by businessman Faisal Ali Mousa Al-Naqbi, who is now trading in stolen wealth.

فيصل علي موسى (@faisalalimousa) | Twitter

These agreements were announced by the head of the Israeli Settlements Council in the Occupied West Bank, Yossi Dagan.

According to Israeli media, the regional council of the settlement of Samaria began exporting its products to UAE, including olive oil and honey from the settlement of Harmash and Firdaws, as well as wine from the Rehelim settlement factory.

These products will be exported with “Made in Israel” labels, which is an implicit recognition of the settlements that most countries of the world consider illegal.

Yossi Dagan described this step as a historic step for Samaria and Israel, as it imposes full sovereignty and recognition of the legitimacy of the settlements.

By importing goods from Israeli settlements, FAM Holding is not only committing a moral violation, but also committing a legal violation of all international laws that consider Israeli settlements on Palestinian lands outside the 1967 borders illegal, thus cooperating with it is illegal.

Furthermore, the European courts rejects the term of “made in Israel” to be used as a label since it is made on occupied Palestinian lands, as the European Court of Justice had ruled in 2019.

Unanswered Questions

The whole world knows that Israel is an occupying entity, and even those who recognize Israel do not recognize the legitimacy of the settlements, so why does Al-Naqbi, owner and director of “FAM” help Israel in plundering the goods of Palestine and the Palestinians?

What is the reason for insisting to legitimizing everything that is Israeli?

What is the motive behind helping Israel to steal what does not belong to it?

Why would Al-Naqbi give the Zionists the feeling of comfort and reassurance that Arabs have abandoned their main cause as if the seized lands and the bloodshed are of no value?!

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