Gargash: The speaker against the interest of peoples and the feelings of Muslims

Gargash: The speaker against the interest of peoples and the feelings of Muslims

From a critic of the Jewish settlement plans and annexation of Palestinian cities to the occupied lands, to a normaliser satisfied with Israeli actions.

Anwar Gargash

In an interview with the CNN, Anwar Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of the United Arab Emirates, used expressions indicating that the occupation’s annexation of new settlement lands will not last forever and will soon stop according to the agreement concluded between them.

Anwar Gargash

Only a few hours later, Netanyahu, proved the false allegations of Gargash, stating this matter has nothing to do with the terms of the normalization agreement between the two parties.

Gargash was not different from many officials who exaggerated the celebration of normalization with the Zionist entity, but he went on to describe this agreement, which the Arab peoples consider disgrace, as a historical progress and a strategic move in resolving the Palestinian issue.  He stressed that this agreement gave the Arabs more time to resume negotiations with the Zionist entity, calling on the Palestinian leadership, which rejects normalization, to take advantage of this opportunity.

Gargash did not stop spreading fake rumours about the advantages of normalization with the Israeli entity, but he went on praising the UAE government in challenging the criticism campaigns rejecting normalization.  He considered this decision as a courageous initiative that the UAE will employ to endorse the two-state solution, accusing opponents of that step as advocates of lost causes. He praised Sisi of Egypt and the Saudi government saying that every active international figure blessed the treaty.

Gargash with the Jews

In his televised speech at the American-Jewish Committee’s conference – a committee supporting Jews worldwide, especially in the occupied state of Palestine- Gargash said that the open relations with the state of Israel is an important step that will bring better results in the future.

During his meeting with the Jewish Committee, Gargash said that the UAE could have different agreements with Israel, including cooperation in combating the spread of the Corona virus in the two countries, and the development of technological fields. Hr added that even if some political disagreements between them persist it would not affect the friendliness and cooperation between the two countries.

If you are a liar, remember your lies

This is a famous Arab proverb, which describes the conflicting reactions of Gargash to the normalization agreement. When officials in the UAE were trying to convince the people that this step came to curb the Iranian expansion in the region, he said that the normalization agreement with the occupation state is a pure Emirati decision that has nothing to do with Iran, and we never accept interference in our affairs and we reject threats and intimidation. These words came in response to the Iranian president’s accusation of the Emirati regime of betraying the Arab and Islamic nation.

On Macron’s side against Muslims

The counter-revolutionary countries were the only supporters of Macron in his recent campaign in supporting the insults of the Messenger of God, prophet Mohamed peace be upon him. Anwar Gargash was a main character among those supporting Macron, stating that he understands Macron’s good intentions and that he never means to exclude Muslims in France, nor Isolate Muslims in the West. He went on saying that Macron was right and Muslims should integrate with the western society in order to combat terrorism and extremism resulting from the rejection of some societal values ​​and customs.

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