Yasser bin Homran: A new Saudi voice to strengthen normalization and establish its rules

Yasser bin Homran: A new Saudi voice to strengthen normalization and establish its rules

Boasting that more Arab traitors carry the ideas of their usurping occupying entity, the “Israel in Arabic” Twitter account thanked the Saudi businessman Yasser bin Homran for his “good endeavors” to spread a culture of peace in the world, as he tries to establish the rules of occupation in the region and reinforce its claims that it is a rightful entity.

Over the past 24 hours, Yasser bin Homran was the main subject for the Israeli media, as he was widely celebrated, especially on “Israel in Arabic”, after he took the initiative to promote the so-called “Abrahamic Peace Organization” initiative, while promising all the pro-normalization that this initiative will soon find its place in London to serve “the interest of humanity and living in a secure future”.

The occupying entity believes that peace would be achieved once Yasser and his likes join these initiatives and promote it.

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However the reality of peace for Zionists would only be achieved once they wipe out Palestine of the map, with its heritage and impact.

Israeli peace means that the Zionists enjoy natural citizenship rights over all Palestinian lands, including Palestine after the 1967 borders, which although unjust borders undermine the right of Palestinians to their lands that were seized by the Zionist gangs during the 1948 Nakba, yet they preserved their right in the West Bank and Israelis who live in these lands are settlers, their buildings are illegal according to international law, and the legitimacy of their presence there or even dealing with them in commercial terms should not be recognized, as a boycott is imposed on Palestinian products exported by these illegal settlements.

This is the peace the son of Al-Qahtan Saudi tribe, Yasser bin Homran and the occupying entity are calling for.

Bin Homran not only called for such a bloody peace, but he also published a picture from the Holy Mosque in Mecca, with a paper of 2019 written on it “Shalom Shabbath” which means “a blessed Saturday, thus violating the sanctity of the place, and trying to link it to the importance and necessity of normalization and spreading the culture of peace.

Emphasizing these noble meanings by using these despicable means is one of the basest that a human being can do.

It is impossible to convince humanity that peace lies in glorifying and cooperating with the usurper occupying murderer, and allowing him to complete his bloody racist project, which is based primarily on the genocide of the Palestinians.

This does not make any sense at all.

It should never be acceptable to confuse Judaism as a religion with Zionism as a bloody and brutal scheme, for dealing with this file to become overly sensitive where people become accused of “anti-Semitism”.

Respect for Judaism as a religion also should never be confused with the need to accept Israel as a state.

Of course these are totally different, for this is a heavenly religion that certainly does not call for usurping the rights of others, and this is an occupying entity that is based only on usurping the rights of others.

We congratulate you now, bin Homran, for the Zionists’ celebration of you, and we may soon congratulate you on winning the award for the worst personality in the world.

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