Waseem Youssef… A rabbi’s speech dressed as a sheikh

Waseem Youssef… A rabbi’s speech dressed as a sheikh

“I will tell you a story of those who have been doubtful about the peace agreement between Bahrain and the UAE with Israel. Israel did not destroy Syria, burn Libya, or displace the people of Egypt. Israel did not destroy Libya, or divide Lebanon into sects. Before you blame Israel, look at yourselves in the mirror, O Arabs, the problem is in you! Israel did not blow up mosques. It did not create discord between Sunnis and Shiites. It did not burn the Arab churches. We are the ones who did all this.”

With those shameful words, the Emirati preacher of Jordanian origins, Sheikh Waseem Youssef, wrote a tweet to critics of the peace agreement between Bahrain, UAE, and Israel, and those who are against normalization with the Zionist occupation state. His comments were published in Israel in an Arabic account on Twitter, under the title “When Arab peoples realize these facts, peace will be achieved soon, God willing.”.

Youssef’s words were faced with popular rejection in all parts of the Arab countries, as activists denounced and responded to his tweets with details of the bloody history of the occupation state in Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, and Egypt. Many Palestinians spoke about the massacres of the occupation state in Palestine, while others in Yemen asked him to talk about the crimes committed by Saudi Arabia in their country since it supports these treachery deals.

In another tweet, Waseem Youssef pointed out to the approaching of the Day of Resurrection, meaning the popular rejection of all steps of normalization led by the Abu Dhabi government, where he said “whoever seeks Peace is (lethargic), whoever seeks destruction is (brave), whoever seeks safety for his country is an (agent), whoever seeks sedition is a (fighter), whoever seeks coexistence with the different religions (apostate), whoever seeks sectarianism (mujahid), whoever seeks moderation is a (hypocrite) and whoever seeks extremism is (abiding), we ask Allah the Almighty to abide by the truth.”

 The spokesman for the Israeli occupation forces, Avichai Adrai, agreed and responded to Waseem Youssef’s tweet saying, “We ask Allah, the Almighty, to abide by the truth”, while the Israel in Arabic account responded, “you are right Sheikh, we ask Allah, the Almighty, to abide by the truth, and make the truth a compass for all of us. Oh Allah, Amen”.

Waseem Youssef not only praised the occupation state, but he attacked the Palestinian resistance movements, headed by Hamas, saying: “Hamas launched missiles against Israel at the time of signing the peace agreement in USA. When Israel responds to Hamas missiles; Hamas supporters will cry and shout to the Arabs: Where are the millions! And of course, the victims are children, women, and the innocent people of Gaza who fall because of the stupid behavior of the terrorist Hamas movement … May Allah help the people of Gaza against them”.

Youssef’s tweet came after the Israeli occupation government announced that two Israelis were injured as a missile was launched on the occupied city of Ashdod, in conjunction with Abu Dhabi and Manama signing the normalization agreement with the Israeli occupation state in the USA under the auspices of Trump” Concerning the Arab Spring revolutions, Youssef accused the peoples of ignorance and not being able to distinguish between the right and wrong, saying “You Arabs chose the Muslim Brotherhood and you chanted for the revolutions which destroyed your countries”. Activists considered this tweet to be the end of Youssef, as social media users responded to him with video clips in which he was supporting the Palestinian cause and the Arab revolutions, thus showing his clear hypocrisy, as he subsequently supported the bloody coups, funded by UAE, against these revolutions.

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