UAE blackmails Pakistan to Normalize Relations with the Occupation Entity

UAE blackmails Pakistan to Normalize Relations with the Occupation Entity

In the United Arab Emirates positions towards the Arab and Muslim countries, and to the Zionist entity which occupies Palestine is shameful.

The government of the UAE began to take sanction measures against Pakistan after Islamabad refused Abu Dhabi’s mediation of the normalization of relations between Pakistan and the occupying entity.

UAE blackmails Pakistan to Normalize Relations with the Occupation Entity

The UAE government abused the financial crisis that the government of Pakistan is going through to put Imran Khan and his government in severe financial hardship, as it requested the Pakistani government to return a billion dollars immediately.  This amount was deposited by Abu Dhabi in the Central Bank of Pakistan.

Political analysts said that the UAE’s action came after Pakistan refused to sign the normalization agreement with the Zionist entity. Economists also indicated that the UAE’s request would constitute an ordeal for the Pakistani government due to the financial crisis the country is going through. Moreover, the UAE has insisted on not giving Pakistan any time limit, according to what was published by Emirates Leaks.

For its part, Pakistani officials have made repeated interventions and attempts to communicate with the UAE, especially with Mohamed bin Zayed, Crown Prince, with no success.

Last year, Pakistan had borrowed from China a loan of one billion US dollars to repay a special loan in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the Chinese loan came after a previous loan of two billion US dollars, which China repaid to the International Monetary Fund.

الإمارات وباكستان تبحثان سُبل تعزيز التعاون المشترك | الوفد

 The UAE took advantage of the situation, especially after the Corona pandemic crisis and the exacerbation of the global economic crisis, to pressure Pakistan to sign the normalization agreement with Israel.

At the end of last year, Pakistan informed the UAE of its refusal to recognize the “Israeli occupation” until a permanent and concrete settlement of the Palestinian issue was reached.

The Pakistani Foreign Minister said “We have not and will not be able to establish a relationship with “Israel” until a concrete and permanent solution to the Palestinian issue is reached.” He added, “First, there will be no pressure on us. Second, we have to make decisions in Pakistan’s interests and not under any pressure. We have a policy and we still stick to it. ”

The UAE began normalization with the Israeli occupation state last September under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, where the normalization agreement called Abraham was signed in the White House between the Israeli occupation and the UAE and Bahrain, then Sudan under pressure from the UAE and a US promise to remove Sudan from the list of countries sponsoring terrorism. Morocco followed suit by renewing all political, security, and economic relations with the occupation after it broke off in the year 200 with the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising.

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