The Organization of Islamic Cooperation: The Voice of Delusion to the Muslim World

It was established by a decision of the historic summit in Rabat, Kingdom of Morocco on September 25, 1969 in response to the crime of burning the Al-Aqsa Mosque in the occupied Jerusalem.

It was established to be the voice of the Muslim world, to protect the interests of the nation, to resolve its matters, particularly the Palestinian causes, and to support peace, harmony and promotion positive relations between different peoples of the world. Nevertheless, It did not respond to any of the above mentioned matters, and did not even denounce the wave of normalization in the Arab world with American mediation, thus becoming an entity for letting the Muslim World down.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) turns a blind eye to the crises afflicting the Arab and Islamic nation, including Yemen, which is witnessing the worst humanitarian crisis in the 21st century, as it is going through an unprecedented famine, deadly epidemics, with hospitals, schools, dwellings and mosques bombed by Saudi missiles, and bin Salman imposing a total brutal blockade on it, preventing humanitarian aid from reaching thousands of needy families.

Syria has been forgotten as if nothing had ever happened, with millions of innocent people still paying the price for the greed of the criminals. And before it was Baghdad fell as American troops, supported by Zionists, invaded it in the dark of a night a dark, causing unprecedented destruction and sectarian wars fuelled by the deceitful.

Libya is torn apart between two governments, two armies, and even two central banks, where militias and gangs roam the cities, and activists assassinated by bullets of traitors.

Rohingya is a tragic crisis in every sense of the word. About 900 thousand people have sought refuge in the city of Cox’s Bazar, on the border with Bangladesh, after their displacement, persecution, abuse, rape of their women, infanticide, and torture of their elders to death. Some of them did not recover from the horror of what they saw, and others need to receive treatment, and all of them lack protection, security, clean drinking water, sanitation and medical aid, and the same goes for the Uyghur minority.

Palestine is eroding by the Israeli settlement, leaving only a “West Bank” that may be given to Jordan, and a Gaza Strip that may be given to Egypt, with cemeteries full of young and old, and homes full of orphans, looted lands and deserted villages, and finally the recent wave of normalization to destroy what’s left. A cheap step taken by cheap people, by which they sought to wipe out all facts, legitimacy, to destroy the unity of the one position on the cause, and to push for recognition of the legitimacy of the occupation.

We have not heard a single voice or seen a single action by the OIC, headed by its Secretary General Yusuf bin Ahmed Al-Othaimeen, nor did we read a statement denouncing the wave of normalization that is sweeping the Arab world, which goes beyond the mere recognition of this occupying entity, but rather grants it legitimacy for its racist practices and violations of international laws and of the legitimate and non-negotiable rights of Palestinians.

The organization’s general secretariat is suffering clinical death, as its decisions are made in the palaces of Mohamed bin Salman, leader of the war on Yemen, supporter of restraints on the Uyghurs, the godfather of normalization with the occupation state, and son of those who supported the armies of enemies and pumped their oil and treasury into their banks.

It is not an organisation, for it receives politicised orders, nor is it cooperation, as the world is soaked in blood, poverty, misery and hunger and it is not doing anything about it, nor is it “Islamic” where parties are besieging, demonizing and call for boycotting each other.

This is simply a real farce, political gullibility, lack of a sense of leadership and of responsibility.

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