School, Nursery and Commercial Exchange.. Normalization’s outcome in the UAE

A few days ago, the head of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Hamad Buamim, stated that the UAE would trade in products and commodities produced and manufactured in Israel -the occupied settlements on Palestinian lands-. This move is an indication of UAE’s willingness to erase the “Palestinian cause” from its agenda.

According to his interview with the Israeli newspaper Globes, Buamim said that the UAE does not discriminate in Israeli imports between products manufactured in different regions, including “Judea and Samaria”-using the occupation’s terms for the occupied Palestinian West Bank-.

Despite that fact that all of them are illegal and do not have international recognition by most countries of the world, including the European Union, however, Bouamim stressed that there is no reason to reject it.

The Palestinians never expect such statements from the UAE, especially as the head of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce stated that they should integrate in the commercial process between UAE and the occupying state, asking them to accept the agreement and UAE’s treason to the most prominent issue for the Arabs and Muslims. Palestinian people considered this move as another treason, following the normalization with the Israeli occupation.

Buamim also said that they signed dozens of cooperative agreements in several fields, including the economic, tourism, financial, banking, and even security fields.

A Jewish religious school in UAE

The media of the Zionist occupation state reported that Yitzhak Yosef, the chief Sephardic rabbi, would be visiting UAE to open a religious school that aims to teach future generations. The school won’t be limited to the Jewish community only, but will be for everyone in the UAE.  This visit is the first of its kind for a rabbi to an Arab country and it is part of the plan to strengthen relations between Israel and the UAE.

The media spokesman of the Rabbi’s office stated that he will be meeting with senior Emirati officials, open a Jewish school, visit a number of Jewish religious institutions in UAE, and appoint Rabbi Levi Duchman as the chief rabbi of the Jewish community in the UAE.

For his part, Rabbi Duchman said, “The visit of the Chief Rabbi is historic and it is a great honor for us to welcome him here in the UAE.”, “We are delighted to have him here as we are currently opening many of our new institutions which were built quickly and efficiently”.

In a related context, the office of the Chief Rabbi announced the construction of a new building for the “study of the Torah”, as the current place could no longer contain the children of the Jewish community in Dubai.  The rabbi would also check the “Bath of Purity” or “Mikvah Tahara”, -a large reservoir of water, in which a person dives in order to obtain devotional purity. It is also used to disinfect utensils and tools, which members of the Jewish community buy from non-Jews; in addition, Jewish women to wash themselves with after their menstrual cycle. It will be a Jewish center of purity for all Jews in the Arab Gulf States.

The rabbi prayed for the ruling family be blessed, as a means of expressing gratitude for the UAE’s services to the Jews. It is worth noting that all these normalization steps come within the framework of deepening relations between the UAE and the Zionist occupation state, after they signed the so-called “Abraham Agreements” for the normalization of relations in all fields.

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