Saudi Crown Prince Leader of Normalisation

Saudi Crown Prince Leader of Normalisation

Saudi Arabia and the Zionist occupation state did not have any official diplomatic relations before, however, recently this has changed greatly as news were published  welcoming this new relations.

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Bin Salman, the Crown Prince and Minister of Defence, who became the de facto ruler of Saudi Arabia after leading a soft coup against his uncle, attempted to establish relations with the occupying entity. This became public for the first time on January 21, 2020 when Israel announced allowing its citizens to visit Saudi Arabia, which no longer posed a threat to Israeli citizens.

الغارديان" تفضح المستور وتكشف دور محمد بن سلمان في اتفاق العار | وطن يغرد  خارج السرب

Secret relations and mutual visits between the officials of the two countries increased, however Israel deliberately leaked information about these visits to the media from time to time.

On January 25, 2020, Channel 12 of the Israeli occupation state presented a report prepared by its correspondent from within Saudi Arabia about the modernity and openness of Saudi Arabia under the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

The channel praised its correspondent for being one of the few who were able to visit the country to view its real image, who said: “we, as Israelis, can visit it.”

In another report, the channel stated that her correspondent had an interview with the Saudi General Mohamed Al-Sharif, who invited the Israelis to visit his country, “for officials in Saudi Arabia to know Israel better”.

محمد بن سلمان لترامب وكوشنر: البيعة أولاً ثم التطبيع . دار الحياة - اخبار  فلسطين اخبار المملكة العربية السعودية اخبار العالم

The “Israel in Arabic” of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, showed a group of photos of Jews visiting Saudi Arabia on December 5, 2019 on its twitter account, thanks to the efforts of the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, after decades of obstacles made for Jews not to visit the country.

The Israel Broadcasting Corporation and other media outlets published videos of Jews touring near the Kingdom Tower, one of the landmarks of the Saudi capital, Riyadh.

Africa Intelligence website, which specializes in publishing sensitive news, reported that the Saudi crown prince, in a meeting with the President of the State of Mauritania, Mohamed Ould Al-Ghazwani, requested the direct contact with the President of the Israeli occupation state, Benjamin Netanyahu, stressing on the need to resume relations between Mauritania and Tel Aviv. The Mauritanian president replied in surprise to the crown prince, saying, “This would only take place through a unified Arab policy towards the State of Israel”.

Since coming to power, bin Salman supported the normalization of other countries with Israel, including Egypt and Jordan, by establishing the city of Neom project, for the benefit of Israel.

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