On the Bahraini National Day … Don’t the Palestinians deserve a similar celebration?

On the Bahraini National Day … Don’t the Palestinians deserve a similar celebration?

Over the past two days, the Bahraini people were celebrating the Independence Day of their country from the British colony in the seventies of the last century. This glorious occasion, which is celebrated on the 16th and 17th of December of each year, reflects the belief of the Bahraini people and their government in the importance of independence, freedom, and the necessity of fighting all forms of occupation, and that sovereignty, if not for the people of the nation, will be fought for at all costs.

Seeing the joy of Bahraini citizens as they roam the streets cheering and feeling proud of being living freely and on pure Bahraini soil, one must remember the painful suffering of the Palestinian people for more than 70 years, after the Zionists dominated the country, usurped its lands and displaced its people, and despite all this, it seeks to liquidate the Palestinian cause by all means and to attract Arabs to stand on the side of the occupation, leaving their Palestinian brothers suffering from loneliness.

In fact, the British presence in Bahrain was not as bloody and brutal as the Israeli occupation, which commits atrocities and violations against innocent and defenseless Palestinians every second.

The Bahraini people attempted for decades to wrest the independence of the country, despite the British recognition of the rule of Al Khalifa, but they wanted to get rid of British sovereignty imposed on their lands. Knowing this; one wonders, how Al Khalifa, who followed the UAE in consolidating relations with the Zionists – deny the Palestinians their rejection of the normalization with the occupying entity.  And why are they so shocked by the stance of the honorable Arabs – who form the majority – a supporter of the Palestinians and their cause, the cause of an entire nation. It is a war for identity.

Bahrain’s history is full of rejection of all occupations. Starting with the Portuguese and ending with the British, who refused all sorts of submission. Bahrain has always had free fighters who sought nothing but freedom with pride and honor, not only at the Bahraini level but even with the Palestinian cause. Bahraini popular culture rooted the meaning of Arabism, and they raise their children knowing the Arabism of Palestine, always. 

Could history be forgotten for a state, if we can even call it a state without a history or past?  Do the king and his entourage seek to change the culture and civilization of the people, or even his national anthem, which everyone sings “Our Bahrain … its charter is the approach of Sharia, Arabism, and values”.  Which Arabism or values your Majesty after normalization with the eternal enemy, and abandonment of our brothers Palestinians?

Everyone has always argued about what the poor can give, some asserted that they do not give, while others insist that they give the best. However, everyone agreed that the owner of a thing could certainly give it. How could Bahrain, which is now independent and enjoying sovereignty and freedom, how could it deny the Palestinians desire to obtain the same right? How did the King of Bahrain, Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, take the step of normalization despite his ancestors’ struggle to wrest the country’s independence? Don’t the Palestinians, Your Majesty, deserve to enjoy freedom as well? Is it not their right to seek to expel the occupier and gain independence? Do not the Palestinians deserve a celebration similar to that of your people?

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