Najat Al-Saeed – A Gulf Researcher who Desperately Seeks the Destruction of the Arab World

Najat Al-Saeed – A Gulf Researcher who Desperately Seeks the Destruction of the Arab World

As the voting for the winner of the “most traitor person” award in the Arab world approaches, the Saudi researcher Najat Al-Saeed is intensifying her efforts to convince the public that she is the most deserving and worthy of this award for her endeavors to serve the interests of the occupying entity, promote normalization and stabilize its presence within the nation.

Najat Al-Saeed is a Saudi-American researcher, residing in the Emirates, as she works as an assistant professor at Zayed University in Dubai at the Faculty of Mass Communication. She is known to be one of the most Gulf women promoting for normalization with ideas the Zionists themselves may not dare to reveal.

Najat Al-Saeed, aims only to destroy the Arab world and bring misery to its children.

Al-Saeed announced publishing a research paper with the participation of an American academic in an Israeli Studies Center entitled “Combating anti-Semitism benefits the Arab world,” which is a research that affirms – from her point of view – that the best solution to achieving renaissance, prosperity and stability in the Arab world is through alliance with Israel.

Last month, Al-Saeed shared a tweet promoting her research paper, which many considered as nothing but intellectual garbage, that “wasting resources on anti-Semitic and anti-Israel campaigns was an obstacle to innovation and development in the Arab world. The paper discussed the steps taken to change the curricula and the media discourse to build a new way of thinking,”

The Zionists celebrated Najat Al-Saeed and her research that came to light under their auspices. They even praised her, stressing that “when Arab thought is liberated from anti-Semitism and Israel, it would find a positive current waiting for it. As you said, the required is building a new thinking to advance the capacities of the region. Change is the solution. “

التطبيع.. خيانة يجمّلها الإعلام وتفضحها منصات التواصل :: نور نیوز

This was not the first time that Al-Saeed made headlines in the newspapers of the occupied entity, as her efforts in serving the occupation had already been crowned by joining the “Israel Hayom” [Israel Today] media group as a commentator and columnist in January this year, thus, describing her action as a first Gulf Arab woman to join the Israeli media, as “unique.”

The first article of Al-Saeed in the Israeli newspaper was entitled “The Abrahamic Agreements: a Red Card for the Extremists”, which welcomed normalization as a basic step on the road to peace, and a strong start to get rid of all extremists ‘who reject normalization who criticize Zionist practices against the Palestinians, and those who demand an end to the Israeli occupation of all Palestinian lands before starting any peace talks’.

Najat Al-Saeed and her ilk from writers, thinkers and public figures, who stress the importance of normalization and the necessity to strive for it in order to achieve peace in the region, they are nothing but a bunch of traitors promoting illusions and lies. Peace cannot be achieved while war continues, the war that Zionists started, and it will not end without their departure and giving the rights back to its owners.

Unfortunately, Najat Al-Saeed and her ilk reflects the success of the occupying entity in recruiting some Arabs to achieve its despicable goals and its malicious endeavours by convincing everyone that the crisis is not Arab-Israeli, but rather Arab-Palestinian.

They want the entire Arab world to stand against the Palestinians and stop supporting the Palestinian cause, by falsifying history and convincing everyone that upholding the rights of the Palestinians is an obstacle to peace, but that hostility to everything that is Israeli is an obstacle to peace, and that rejecting the brutal crimes and bloody massacres committed by the occupying entity is an obstacle to peace. Soon they would promote that the existence of Palestinians alive is an obstacle to peace!

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