Tunisian Parties Accuse Youssef Chahed of Treason

Tunisian Parties Accuse Youssef Chahed of Treason

Media sources confirmed that former Tunisian Prime Minister Youssef Chahed will participate in a normalization conference in the UAE on Wednesday, March 24.

By joining the conference, Chahed will lead normalization in Tunisia with the Zionist entity that occupies Palestine, and would follow in the footsteps of normalizing countries in the Arab region, led by the UAE which selects public figures, lavish them with money and open doors of opportunities for them in order to support normalization campaigns in Tunisia.

The sources confirmed that Silvan Shalom, the former Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior of the Zionist entity, will represent the state of the Zionist entity in the Global Normalization Conference in Dubai, under the slogan of the international balance of power in the post-epidemic world.

It is worth noting that Youssef Chahed, the former Prime Minister of Tunisia, had a shameful history, when the Israeli occupation state killed the martyr pilot Youssef Al-Zouari in Tunisia, and according to security reports Youssef Chahed had covered up for spies and killers who participated in the assassination of the pilot Zouari.

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This incident reveals the reality of his personality and that he has been working against the Arab state and Islam. Rather, he has been colluding with the Zionist entity for a long time, and this explains his escaping from accountability over drowning Tunisia in loans and debts that led to a financial public crisis in Tunisia.

Tunisian politicians and activists directed harsh criticism of former Prime Minister Youssef Chahed, after media sources also revealed that Vlor Hassan Nahum, Deputy Mayor of Occupied Jerusalem, will participate in the conference with Zionist officials, not the Israeli Minister of Occupation alone.

Abdel Wahhab Al-Hani, head of the Al-Majd Party, strongly criticized Chahed and demanded that the state must prevent him from colluding and acting in the interest of the occupation entity, even by force, and to make him and all former and current officials to respect the principles of the state of Tunisia in support of the Palestinian right and rejecting any settlement process, partial or total normalization with the Zionist occupation state.

Al-Hani demanded Chahed to cancel his participation and to apologize to the Tunisian people for accepting the invitation.

As for Chahed, he issued a statement in which he said that he is honoured to be invited to the conference, which is a recognition of the importance of the Tunisian vision of the post-epidemic world, the world of digitization, intelligence and the collective will of the people, and a discussion of the keys to the economic recovery after the Great Depression that struck the world due to Covid-19.

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Other Tunisian parties issued statements condemning Chahed’s acceptance of the invitation of the occupation and the UAE, rejecting his intention and insistence on heading to the Emirates to participate in the conference while boasting about this treason and considering it an honorable thing.

In a joint statement, the Tunisian political parties said, “Normalization with the racist and criminal Zionist entity is a betrayal of the homeland, its history and its martyrs.”

The parties considered that “the silence of the ruling system in Tunisia regarding Chahed’s move is an approval of crime of normalization.” The parties also denounced the “official silence regarding the reports that revealed the amount of Tunisia’s trade exchange with the Zionist entity.”

It is noteworthy that during 2020, under the auspices of the administration of former President Donald Trump, “Israel” signed normalization agreements with the UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco.

The Tunisian official position on these agreements was clear, as the Tunisian Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that all “rumours spread about Tunisia’s determination to normalize relations with “Israel” is unfounded, “noting that this position” will not be affected by international circumstances.”

Tunisian President Qais Saeed also stated that his country “will not stop defending the Palestinian rights and will support it in all forums, until the rights are given back to its legitimate owners, the Palestinian people,”, thus declaring his rejection of any normalization steps with the Israeli occupation state.

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