Morocco welcomes the first Israeli plane

Morocco welcomes the first Israeli plane

After announcing normalization with the Israeli occupation state and reestablishing political liaison offices between Rabat and Tel Aviv, Morocco’s airport received on Tuesday December 22, 2020, the first direct flight from Tel Aviv to the city of Rabat. The flight had US-Israeli delegation to discuss means of cooperation between Morocco and the Israeli occupation state.

Given that the normalization agreement was sponsored by US President Donald Trump, the US delegation in Morocco was headed by his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and the Israeli delegation was headed by Meir Ben Shabat, the national security advisor for the Israeli occupation state, whose origins are of Jewish parents born in Morocco.

One day before leaving Morocco, the Israeli occupation held a celebration of normalization with Morocco in Jerusalem, attended by Kushner and his delegation and the Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. During the ceremony Kushner pointed out that normalization with Morocco would help establishing normalization with North African countries and all of the Middle East.

The Prime Minister of the Occupying state Netanyahu stressed that the commercial revolution after waves of Arab normalization with Israel mediated by America, whether with Bahrain, UAE or Morocco, will increase the chances of friendship and development for the region. 

He also added that everyone, whether in the UAE or Israel is preoccupied with accepting the other and establishing commercial partnerships to enhance their social and economic relations.

Netanyahu pointed out that Isralies have been in Morocco since a long time, but direct flights between the two countries will boost the number of commer at both popular and official levels.

 Advantages for Morocco

It is noteworthy that the normalization agreement between Morocco and the Israeli occupation state came after Morocco obtained official recognition from USA of its sovereignty over the disputed Western Sahara with the Polisario Front, which is supported by the state of Algeria.

Fruitful visit of the two governments, shameful to the cause of the nation

The Moroccan Royal Court announced on November 10, 2020 that the visit will include the resumption of agreements on facilitating flights between the two countries at all commercial, political, sports and popular levels. It would also discuss ways to strengthen relations in developing the economic and technological fields between them. The two sides would also discuss the reopening of the political liaison offices, which has been closed since 2000, following the outbreak of the Palestinian intifada (uprising), and to set a timetable for opening embassies.

Morocco is the fourth Arab country to normalize with the state of the Zionist entity after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan and of course after the normalization of Egypt and Jordan. The Moroccan government officially praised the decision of normalization, and prevented any demonstrations against the normalization agreement by intensifying security deployment in the streets. Casablanca includes a museum of Jewish memory, as well as the “house of memory” in Essaouira city, where a number of Moroccan Jews live and where an annual festival of Jewish-Arab music is held. The Ministry of National Education has included in the school curriculum lessons on the history and cultures of Moroccan Jews.

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