Morocco: Student Exchange with Israel… What is next?

Morocco: Student Exchange with Israel… What is next?

The head of the Israeli mission, David Guverin, announced the start of a student exchange program in schools and universities between Morocco and the Israeli occupation state after a phone call was made between Moroccan Education Minister Said Amzazi and his counterpart from the occupying entity Yoav Galant.

According to Israeli media, headed by Israel in Arabic Twitter account, the two ministers discussed conducting heritage educational tours between the two sides to closely get acquainted with the history of Moroccan Jews, especially after the inclusion of the heritage of Jews in the Moroccan curriculum by a ministerial decision. The Zionists celebrated this decision greatly as it helps achieve the Zionist project.

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In the same context, the Israeli Minister of Education and David Guverin thanked the Moroccan monarch – King Mohammed VI for his permission to take such steps and decisions, which he considered important and necessary to preserve and protect the sites of Jewish heritage and history.

These decisions came three days after the arrival of a Moroccan diplomatic delegation to Israel to consolidate relations between the two sides and initiate the cultural exchange and other means of cooperation between the two parties, after the official announcement of the normalization of relations on December 10 after cutting relations for more than 20 years in the aftermath of the Palestinian uprising in 2000.

 Saad Eddine El Othmani, head of the Moroccan government, signed a joint declaration between Morocco, Israel, and the US on December 22, during the first visit of an official Israeli-American delegation to Rabat.

Morocco: Student Exchange with Israel... What is next?

 The decision to exchange students with the inclusion of the Jewish heritage in the Moroccan curriculum makes us ask the important question “what about the Islamic heritage of Jerusalem! While Zionists are using religion to consolidate their rules in the Arab countries and prove that they are the rightful owners of these lands, they try with all possible means to wipe out any Islamic heritage of Jerusalem. Moreover, they want to destroy the Aqsa Mosque and bury with it the Islamic heritage by banning renovation, excavations, and constructions near the old historical buildings that indicate the existence of the Islamic history of the city.

In fact, Morocco’s decision to normalize relations with Israel in the first place raises several questions about Morocco’s logic in this matter!

What is behind the restoration of relations with Israel? Is the uprising really over? Have the causes for the uprising ended? Have martyrs returned to life? Have orphans got their father back? Has the pain in the hearts of bereaved mothers ended? Why restoring relations with an occupying usurper entity that is still occupying and seizing the lands?

Today, we open offices for their diplomatic missions, we send our children to learn their cultures, and we open the doors to our homelands for tourism and learning, and in return, they displace the Palestinians, deprive them of their right to return to their homes and the lands they seized from them, impose restrictions on them so they never reunite, yet they’re never satisfied..

So why?? Why do we help them to implement their Zionist project in redrawing the borders of this region? Why do we become their shovels by which they demolish our heritage in our hands?

Why do we help them promote their culture, which they are trying to add a religious flavour to it, even though everyone knows that religions are innocent of their brutality by which they force their presence on our lands!

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