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Said Nasheed’s delusions about Normalization with Israel

Said Nasheed’s delusions about Normalization with Israel

Our candidate today is the Moroccan researcher Said Nasheed, the intellectual who tried to use his philosophy and knowledge to manipulate people’s minds about the importance of normalization. The Zionists spread their poisonous ideas to the Arab peoples through him.

A few days ago, Nasheed stressed that peace with Israel is “the peace of the brave,” and it is “an inevitable test, a test that the Arabs must go through” since brave people do not fear tolerance to achieve peace; which has to be with Israel according to Nasheed.

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Nasheed relied on the fact that Israel is a current state with a dominant entity, a civilized, renaissance and societal progress, and a political force in the international community.

He stressed that denying its existence is an illusion in the minds of cowards who do not have arguments or logic and only speak the language of wars with which they would be defeated badly.

 Israel as a state does indeed exist, but we should never confuse the fact of the existence of the Israeli occupation state with its eligibility. It is like a disease, like cancer; our recognition of the disease is the beginning of eliminating it completely.

We have never heard of anyone happy with cancer and that he cannot be cured or that his family encourages him to surrender to death and not fight cancer because his body may not be able to resist.

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If the current circumstances are not suitable to declare war against Israel, this does not mean to have peace with it, and patience does not mean not working towards getting rid of it.

Nasheed tried to persuade the Arabs to normalize with Israel from a religious perspective as well, as he said that “the rejection of normalization stems from the doctrine of Al-Baraa, which is affiliated with ideological Islam, in his view, reliance on the religious authority “leads directly to normalization, because there is the unity of the Abrahamic religions, there is a common memory, and common persecution. Therefore, the main enemy, for the Israelis, is the extreme right, represented by the white man, because he is the one who is the cruelest to them.

Therefore, the religious and shared memory leads towards normalization and not rejection”.

This opinion may have some validity if we accept that the enmity with the occupying Zionist entity is a purely religious hostility whose origin is a conflict between Muslims and Jews.

 However, this conflict was initiated by Israel and it takes other dimensions that are much deeper than being confined to a sectarian conflict between peoples!

Israel, at the very beginning of its declaration at the hands of a group of Zionist gangs and militias, was the one who promoted itself as a state on a religious basis and that this Holy Land belongs to them – as Jews – based on some myths in their “distorted” book. And if we accepted their claim, is there any divine religion that orders its followers to kill, burn, shed blood, slaughter children and stab the stomachs of pregnant women, and seize the land by force after forcibly displacing its people from it??!

Nasheed also argued that being open to other cultures and religions and interacting with their children is a feature of ancient Arabs and Muslims.

Perhaps he wants to cite in this the interaction of Arabs and Muslims with the Jews during the era of the Prophet Mohammed when he made a peace pact with the Jews.

 Well, some like Nasheed claiming that the Messenger concluded a peace treaty with the Jews, however, this peace was concluded with the Jews and not with the Zionists, at a time when the Jews were a minority residing in a land not in their own and they confirm that. Their explicit goals were to be living in social and economic stability. When the Jews showed their treason and bad intentions, the response was nothing but war and finally getting rid of them.

Said Nasheed wants to seduce the Arabs to normalize with Israel is a guarantee for their existence and achieving the goals of the “failed” Arab Spring revolutions – as he said – due to ideological political Islam and hostility to Israel.

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