Israel Steals diamonds and Dubai is a safe place for selling it

Today we speak about the one person who is most worthy of the award of the worst person in the world; the Emarati Ahmed bin Sulayem, Chairman of the Dubai Diamond Exchange, of the Dubai Multi Commodities Center, and was elected as its president in May 2018.

His treachery began to be apparent, before the normalization agreement signed by UAE with the Zionist entity, as he visited Tel Aviv in February 2020 to attend the activities of the World Diamond Week where he participated publicly. This comes after years of secret relations between Dubai and the occupation state, as Dubai is a major center for diamond trade, plundered from the wealth of Palestine by Israel and it constitutes 13% of the total exports of the occupation state.

This visit was promoted in the Israeli media months before it took place, as the newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” revealed in March 2019 that relations between the UAE and the Israeli occupation state would witness a great boom in the diamond trade during the coming period. The newspaper explaining that once Israeli companies had a base and become legal in the Dubai markets, Jewish diamond dealers will stand in “queues” at the doors of Dubai, and “mezuz” will spread at the doors.

Although the normalization agreement was not formally signed between the UAE and the occupying country then, some diamond dealers confirmed that Dubai deals with Israeli goods, but they are afraid of announcing this, but as soon as it announces normalization it will announce all commercial, political, security and economic relations. This exactly took effect once the agreement was signed, under the auspices of the White House, thus confirming that relations between Dubai and Tel Aviv are old -even in periods of alleged hostility to Israel and sympathy with Palestine by UAE.

The biggest achievement of our candidate Ahmed bin Sulayem, is the plundering agreement signed by the Dubai Diamond Exchange with its Israeli counterpart, right after the normalization agreement. The two sides signed a strategic cooperation agreement to enhance cooperation and dialogue between them in a new economic alliance. According to the agreement, the occupation state has the right to officially open an office representing the Diamond Exchange, and the Dubai Multi Commodities Center will open an office in Ramat Gan, which includes the headquarters of the Israeli Stock Exchange.

As soon as the two countries announced the signing of an agreement between them, the Israeli media’s expectations that the Jews would flock to the Dubai markets were true. Anthony Peters -the owner of South African “Trans Atlantic Games Sales”, which conducts diamond auctions in the Dubai market- announced that the number of Israeli companies interested in entering those auctions, was nearly fifty companies in a few weeks, according to Reuters, especially after the UAE canceled a law prohibiting trade exchange with the Israeli occupation state.

Currently, the most popular topic now is the trade exchange opportunities between the two countries, especially after facilitating flights between the two countries.

News agencies also reported that the diamond trader – Zvi Shimchi, an Israeli merchant, went to the occupation state of Israel in the same week in which the normalization agreement was signed between the two countries.  He is one of the 38 Israeli merchants who contacted the Dubai Diamond Exchange after normalization to open a company in the free trade zone, in one of the gem trade centers.  According to the Jewish historian in the diamond industry, Haim Evin, these initiatives aim to provide Israel with the opportunity to sell diamonds to the Arab world in general, and the Gulf countries in particular. This can only be done through Dubai, as it has nearly 500 companies that could make it a center for the diamond trade in the Arabian Gulf.

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