Bin Zayed: Dispersing Arabs and Reuniting Jews

Bin Zayed: Dispersing Arabs and Reuniting Jews

On Sunday January 10, 2021, the Emirates News Agency and Israeli newspapers published news about Abu Dhabi reuniting two families of the Jews of Yemen in Abu Dhabi after two decades of separation.

Bin Zayed: Dispersing Arabs and Reuniting Jews

According to media sources, the UAE authorities were able to reunite two families of Yemeni Jews, whose members consist of 15 individuals, including the Grandparents who flew from Yemen to UAE as well as 12 others including 5 children, who flew from London to the Emirates, to meet there after 21 years of separation.

This news is the second of its kind in less than five months, as the same authorities have previously celebrated the reunification of two families of Yemeni Jews also who met on on Emirati lands after more than 15 years of diaspora.

ردود أفعال عربية وغربية على اتفاق السلام بين الإمارات وإسرائيل - الأيام  السورية

Lasr August, Abu Dhabi made efforts to reunite a Yemeni Jewish family of 5 members by facilitating the travel of the “father” and “mother” and their two children from Yemen to the Emirates to meet with the rest of the family after a separation that lasted for more than 15 years.

These “humanitarian gestures” by the UAE are not surprising at all, especially after announcing normalization with Israeli. This is expected from a country that seeks to make its lands a home for Jews and allows their religious customs and rituals to be practiced freely, while it persecutes Muslims, bans them from travel, constantly monitors them and imposes restrictions on them.

إسرائيل" تصادق رسمياً على اتفاق التطبيع الإماراتي الاثنين | الخليج أونلاين

UAE separated families of the Gulf when it blockaded Qatar and banned travel to and from Qatar, leaving families unable to see each other for years.

When did the unification of Jews an important matter for the UAE authorities, which separates Yemeni Muslim families and hires mercenaries to launch air and ground raids to kill them everywhere in Yemen and imposes restrict measures on their freedom of movement and turns them into refugees after it destroyed their lands and homes. When did they grow these brotherly feelings toward the Jews?

More importantly, why didn’t bin Zayed open his lands for the Palestinian families who were forced by the Israeli occupation to be dispersed all over the world?

The UAE’s efforts to reunite Jewish families on its lands came after the normalisation agreement, which claimed that its priority is to preserve the rights of the Palestinians, however instead of reuniting Palestinian families and changing the Jewish national law of 2018 which bans Palestinians from the right to self-determination and or the right to return, none of this happened and rather Jews are being reunited on a new Arab land!

UAE should have devoted its efforts to halting the implementation of the law “preventing Israeli family unification”, which the occupation authorities’ claim is temporary and aims to preserve the security of Israel, despite it being in place for more than 17 years!

The Emirati regime competes with the Israeli entity in undermining the rights of Arabs and Muslims, and helps Israelis to Judaize Palestine.

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