Abdullah Al-Juhaimi: A Saudi Who Toadied Zionists in the Dirtiest Way

Abdullah Al-Juhaimi: A Saudi Who Toadied Zionists in the Dirtiest Way

Our candidate today is the Saudi Abdullah bin Khadran Al-Juhaimi, a Twitter user only. He is neither an activist, nor a blogger, nor a person with a significant influence in the real or hypothetical Saudi society in order for a complete topic like the one we write today to be written about him.

Nevertheless, he served himself a seat in the first rows for the candidates for the World’s Worst Personality Award; the biggest traitor ever award for those who cooperate with the occupying Zionist entity.

All he did to get noticed is to praise the Zionist entity, whose media celebrated him and began to retweet his shameful tweets which no body interact with.

عبدالله الجهيمي: العُنصرية تهمة كاذبة للنيل من حملة «السعودية للسعوديين

To please the Zionists, Al-Juhaimi began slandering the Palestinians, outbidding their love for their country, questioning their patriotism and their resistance to the occupation to win the friendship of the usurpers, who’d consider him as a caller of peace, brotherhood and harmony.

This Al-Juhaimi claimed that the first step to an objective judgment on this issue begins with the abandonment of any nationalist ideology, so he wants us to make our judgments without having any identity. Of course, with such mentality he believed that Israel is the best, the strongest and the most advanced, thanks to the deep love of the Israelis for their homeland and their treatment of it as the only homeland for which there is no alternative.

Al-Juhaimi dealt with the Palestinian cause from a completely different angle, claiming that he relied on objective and neutral foundations to analyze the cause, thus he relied on weird foundations and interpretations of reality and polluted cyberspace with them.

عبدالله بن خضران الجهيمي på Twitter: "ههههههههههههههههههههه… "

First and foremost, our main battle with the Zionists is a battle of identity, so how do we enter it without any national affiliation?

Second, who are the Israelis in the first place not to find themselves another country other than Israel?

They are the descendants of the Zionist gangs that have usurped the Palestinian lands using force and the causing the most heinous massacres against the real owners of the lands. They are the gangs that came from all parts of the world to form a thuggish and barbaric hybrid which seized Palestinian lands by force, and their survival on it is of course a matter of life or death, not because they have a right, but because they built their “homeland” on false basis.

Al-Juhaimi saw that the Israelis desperate defense of their “homeland” as a matter of pride, while he shamefully slandered the Palestinians and claimed that they had abandoned their lands, and that they preferred the ongoing war  for the “gains” behind it -which he did not mention what it was-, as he was only fabricating and lying.

الجهيمي: أجازاتنا تحولت لنفير عام على الحدود لننفق المليارات على الترفيه  بالخارج - YouTube

Al-Juhaimi accused the Palestinians of abandoning their main cause because they found an alternative homeland, referring to the Arab countries and other Western countries that they can obtain their nationalities and become citizens within. His claims are far from logical or objective and it is rather racist in every sense of the word.

The Israelis are the ones who left their lands and made Palestine an “alternative homeland” for themselves, they gave up their original nationalities and usurped the homeland of the Palestinians who demand their return to their homeland “Palestine” at all times.

Al-Juhaimi claimed that the Palestinians do not defend their cause, but they ask Arab and Islamic countries to defend them, claiming that this is a sacred duty. Yes, this is absolutely a sacred duty, liberating Palestine and defending the rights of the Palestinians and seeking to enable them to return to their seized lands and homes, which they forcibly deserted, is the task of every Muslim and Arab, and pride for everyone committed to it.

This obscure person fully meets the proverb that says, “They like to be remembered, even if cursed.”

What gains did he expect to get after what he said?  Does he think that the Zionists will celebrate him day and night and make him the ambassador of peace in the region? He will be remembered with nothing but curses for his shameful approach and treason.

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