“To Hell with You” Bahraini Journalist Attacks Anti-Normalization

“To Hell with You” Bahraini Journalist Attacks Anti-Normalization

Mohamed Al-Beshri is a controversial Bahraini journalist whose news has been all over the Arab news and social media for a year now as he insulted Arabs, praised Israel, and prompted for normalization.

Al-Beshri was one of those behind the conclusion of normalization agreements between some Gulf countries and the occupying entity, as he called for normalization, defended it, and criticized those against it.

In February of last year, Al-Beshri published a video on his YouTube channel, in which he praised Israel, attacked the demonstrations in Morocco and a number of countries who denounced “the deal of the century”, a deal to waste the rights of the Palestinians, denounced the demonstrators for their support for the Palestinian cause and their rejection of any cooperation with Israel as long as its occupation of the Palestinian territories continues.

“To Hell with You” Bahraini Journalist Attacks Anti-Normalization

Al-Beshri was unable to defend Israel, however he based his attacks on relations with Iran without providing evidence, as he said: “”Israel” is more honorable than Iran and more honest than it, and cooperation with an occupying entity is the best solution in light of Iran’s presence, its threat, and its danger”.

Al-Beshri’s used improper words in attacking those against normalization and the deal of the century. “To hell with you” was among the words used by him in addressing the demonstrators.

He clearly said “Israel is not an enemy, whether they like or dislike it. Iran is the first enemy of the Gulf and the Arab nation.”

The Israeli media outlets were grateful to Al-Beshri’s statements and began to publish it widely throughout the year, bragging that they had a trumpet promoting their goals which would only destroy the Arab nation.

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It is worth noting that Al-Beshri, who defended the deal of the century and Israel, considering that peace will not be achieved except via unity with the Zionist entity, is the same person who waged wars between Arab countries.

He strongly attacked Kuwait, criticizing its “neutral” role during the Gulf crisis started between Qatar and a number of other countries (Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Bahrain, and Egypt, later called the blockading countries. These countries boycotted Qatar diplomatically and economically and imposed an air and land blockade on it, which ended a few months ago, however, the repercussions are still remaining.

Al-Beshri insulted the Kuwaiti people and their leaders, describing the Kuwaitis as “mercenaries looking for money, and that they are the beggars of Qatar,” adding that they no longer belong to the Gulf because they showed wisdom and search for peaceful and consensual solutions for this crisis.

Despite Al-Beshri’s rejection of finding a solution to the Gulf crisis, which is already being solved, he shamelessly promoted normalization with Israel, thus becoming a traitor who carried the flag of shame forever.

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