A Popular Rejection to Normalization With the Israeli Occupation

A Popular Rejection to Normalization With the Israeli Occupation

 In Morocco, the fourth country to normalize with the Israeli occupation state after the UAE, Bahrain and Sudan, lawyers have filed a lawsuit before the Moroccan Court of Cassation – the highest judicial authority in the country- to cancel all decisions resulting from the normalization agreement between the government of Morocco and the government of the Israeli occupation state.

Morocco-Israel normalisation is a slap in the face of the African Union –  Middle East Monitor

In a statement the lawyers said that they had filed this lawsuit in order to challenge the government’s decisions, as it is entrusted with implementing the normalization decision at all levels, political, diplomatic, economic and tourism. The lawyers ’statement of Captain Abdul Rahman bin Amr and Captain Abdul Al-Raheem Al-Jami` and Captain Abdel-Rahim Bin Baraka; filed a petition with the Court of Cassation to annul all the decisions taken by the defendants from Israel, considering those decisions violating the public order of the State of Morocco.

The statement also considered that the agreements signed by the Moroccan authorities with the Israeli occupation state violate the constitution, the United Nations Charter, the Vienna Convention of Treaties and International Humanitarian Law, as well as the international legitimacy of human rights.

On December 10, 2020, outgoing President Donald Trump announced that Morocco and Israel had agreed to normalize relations, and on the same day he announced Washington’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over Western Sahara, and that Washington is taking steps to open an American consulate in the disputed region between Rabat and the Polisario.

The Moroccan authorities responded saying that this is not normalization, but rather a resumption of relations that began in 1993 and stopped in 2002 in support of the Palestinian uprising in Algeria, Tunisia, Libya and Morocco.

A Popular Rejection

In those four Arab countries, activists have launched a Maghreb media network, which aims to oppose the normalization agreements that Arab governments make with the Israeli occupation, warning of the danger this step poses to the Palestinian cause in particular, and for the Arab region in general.

Morocco's Normalization Deal With Israel Is Another Obvious Quid Pro Quo

The founding statement of the Maghreb Network condemned normalization at all levels with the Israeli occupation state, and emphasizing that normalization with an entity usurping land and sanctities, is a violation of the rights, and a stab in the backs of Palestinians.

The statement added that the control of the Zionist occupation on the Arab media arena worries the free people who oppose normalization in all its forms in the region, because this is a dull step by which Israel seeks to absent Arab and Islamic awareness, pass their lies and accept their presence among us, and all this is done in collaboration with the normalizing governments and their media apparatus in our country.

The statement also stressed that the network will act as an umbrella and unifying body for media efforts in the region, to educate the Maghreb peoples of the dangers of normalization, and to combat fake media campaigns that work in favour of the existence of the occupying Zionist entity.

As a reverence for the Palestinian right, the journalists affirmed that Jerusalem will remain the eternal capital of the State of Palestine, and that the Palestinian cause has been and will remain the central cause of Arab and Islamic societies, and that the religious and historical connection and the unified identity between the countries and peoples of the Maghreb refuses to betray the Palestinian cause, and the network will work to reinforce and strengthen this link in the hearts of the people of the Maghreb countries, so that the Palestinian cause remains a vibrant cause in the minds and hearts of Arab Moroccans.

Pakistani uprising

In the same context, the Pakistani city of Karachi witnessed massive demonstrations against normalization with Israel, as tens of thousands of Pakistani people gathered condemning and rejecting any steps taken by their government towards normalization with the Zionist entity.

The gatherings took place in front of the shrine of the founder of the state, Mohamed Ali Jinnah, in response to the calls of Pakistani Democracy and the Association of Islamic Scholars.  

The demonstrators demanded the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan to fulfil the promise he made in September of 2020 that he would not step towards normalization with Israel, declaring his adherence to defending the rights of the Palestinians and not abandoning their cause, as they have the right to land and holy sites.

Khan also affirmed that he would adhere to Commander Mohamed Ali Jinnah’s command, which stresses that Pakistan will not recognize Israel until Palestinians have their right to a just settlement.

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