“Zionists are his Friends While Gaza is A Drug Den” Mohamed Ramadan and the Shame of Normalisation Again


Mohamed Ramadan is a controversial Egyptian actor with a negative and immoral attitude with which he tries to stigmatise the Egyptian media.

A few months ago, news agencies published photos of him with Zionist artists which turned public opinion against him, especially as the photos revealed his joy and pride to take photos with them. He tried to justify this by saying that he cannot refuse to take a photo with any of his fans and he cannot ask them about their nationality or orientations before taking a photo.


Moussa has nothing to do with his actions!

In his series Moussa, Mohamed Ramadan raised controversy again for his actions which resulted in the withdrawal of license of the Egyptian pilot from the Civil Aviation Authority.

The pilot died a few days ago after watching a silly scene in which Mohamed Ramadan appeared throwing money is in the swimming pool, in response to the ruling issued against him in favor of the Egyptian pilot, as he was fined to six million pounds.

In one of his scenes, Moussa goes to an area by a trian -referring to the besieged Gaza Strip- in order to bring drugs, as if Gaza is a drug den, which resulted in great anger among the Egyptian people who refused his insulting acts to the people of Palestine. In this scene, the Gaza strip was filmed while drugs are being trafficked to Egypt to destroy its young people.

The people of Gaza and its youth, and social media users, launched a sharp attack on Ramadan, and they did not rule out the possibility that Ramadan was backed by the Egyptian intelligence services’ to insult people of the Strip and wipe out their long history of resisting the occupation, and portray them as mere groups for drug dealers.


Angry Tweets

Many angry reactions were published, including this tweet “The person named Mohamed Ramadan published a scene from a series in which he depicts Gaza as a den of marijuana and drugs and that he will go by train to Gaza in order to buy drugs .. We tell him first that #Gaza  is a den of men, pride, and honor, not a den of drugs, nor will it be, and all attempts to distort Gaza, its people, and its resistance will not succeed and are doom to failure.”

In another tweet “Anger among social media users caused by Mohamed Ramadan as he appears in his series Moussa as he travels from Cairo to the Gaza Strip for drug trafficking. Speaking of Gaza as a source of drug smuggling angered many viewers, who wondered of the aims of the director and actor behind trying to picture Gaza like this to the Arab viewers?

Another tweet said: “Mohamed Ramadan in Moussa series says he’s going to Gaza to bring drugs, work in trafficking and forbidden business. Every series viewed in Egypt has a message of either distorts Islam, morals or resistance”.


World’s Worst Personality Award

To know the facts of treason and respond by voting on the worst person in the world, especially after the Arab regimes turned against the Palestinian cause by normalising relations with the Zionist occupation and deny the Palestinian cause, find out more on our website.

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