Mohamed Bin Zayed .. Brief Bio

Brief Bio:

Mohammed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, born March 11, 1961. He is the third son of Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

Thanks to his continuous efforts to commit human rights violations inside and outside the Emirates, the UAE is no longer a European country in an eastern Land. Rather, its reputation has become tainted and its name linked to war crimes and crimes against humanity. Some countries have even demanded that bin Zayed be included on the list of war criminals.

Bin Zayed not only inflicted damage on his country but expanded his efforts to include the entire Arab region.

In an article published by the American Forbes magazine, Mohammed bin Zayed was described as “a dictator who used his country’s financial and military resources to eliminate democratic tendencies in the region under the pretext of fighting Islamic extremism”.

In Libya, bin Zayed is involved in supporting the militia of retired General Khalifa Haftar against an internationally recognized government, as well as his country’s involvement in attacks that amount to war crimes in Yemen. The French judiciary has opened an international investigation against him after he was accused of “complicity” in acts of torture in the Yemen war.

Why is he worthy of this award?

Bin Zayed is the ideal candidate for those who love originality and prominence, as he was the first Gulf leader to officially normalize relations with Israel. In addition to that, he has always played a part in problems facing the Middle East, but has never been part of the solution.

Mohammed bin Zayed, with his normalized relationship with the Zionist entity that occupies the Palestinian lands and usurps the rights of its people, has crossed all red lines. Two decades ago, he spoke about his willingness to fight together with the Zionist entity in a united front against Iran. This indicates the strength and depth of the relationship between him and Israel.

During the era of Bin Zayed, the UAE and the Israeli occupation agreed to establish full diplomatic relations, and it is not understood why this was called a peace agreement as the countries were not even at war.

Bin Zayed said about this betrayal – or normalization deal, as it is called – that “the agreement was concluded in contact with Trump and Netanyahu on a road map for joint cooperation, in order to establish the agreed upon bilateral relations… Under the agreement, the two countries will exchange ambassadors and cooperate in various fields, and these include security, education and health.”

These relations between the UAE, represented by Ibn Zayed, and the Zionist entity, began in the establishment of the diamond exchange in Abu Dhabi in 2004, which had Israel’s blessing.

Later, coordinated steps between the two countries followed, including security cooperation against Iran, the liquidation of Hamas official Mohammed al-Mabhouh and the purchase of settlements.

In 2017, an Emirati delegation affiliated with its security apparatus was sent under the cover of the UAE Red Crescent to spy on the resistance in Gaza for the benefit of the occupation. The delegation also partnered with Zionist businessmen to establish container ports in Spain and other countries.

Mohammed bin Zayed wanted the relationship with Israel to includes all aspects of life, allowing travel between the UAE and Israel without the need for an entry visa, and working to encourage UAE citizens to visit the holy sites and enter the Al-Aqsa Mosque in a way that no one has ever done before.

All these reasons and others led us to add Mohammed bin Zayed as a figure worthy of obtaining this award for his shameful role in the normalization of relations with an occupying state, and for striking down all international laws and norms in dealing with Israel.

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