Sheikh Jarrah’s People Torn between the Suppression of Zionists and the Hypocrisy of Arabs

“When you are only a human you will react with the suffering of human beings without having to know their identities or loyalties, or religion. Our condolences go to the families of the victims in Israel”

At first glance, you might believe that the author of this tweet has morals and principles about humanity. He seems to defend humanity, adheres to peace, and wishes security, health, and safety to everyone.

However, within one day you would realize that he is simply a hypocrite who defends the rights of certain people and supports the aggressor.

The Kuwaiti writer and poet Abdul Aziz Al-Qenaei shared the above tweet sending his condolences to the Israeli victims of the fall of the bridge, where dozens of Zionist settlers died and injured as a result of a stampede during a religious ceremony in Jabal Al-Jarmaq (Meron), north of Israel on Thursday night, April 29.

On Saturday, May 01, Al-Qenaei sent his condolences to the Zionists, and the next day on May 02, the Israeli Supreme Court decided to give the Jerusalemite families including Al-Kurds, Al-Qasim, Al-Jauni, and Al-Iskafi from the families of Sheikh Jarrah until next Thursday to reach an agreement with the Zionist settlers regarding the eviction orders of the Palestinians families from their homes and handing it over to the Zionists by force.

Despite this major injustice, Al-Qenaei did not comment on this matter, as if the Jerusalemites in Sheikh Jarrah are not victims in need of solidarity in order to stop the implementation of this crime against them.

The people of Sheikh Jarrah are being exposed to a heinous crime that reminds us of Al-Nakba and the forced displacement that followed.

Today, Arabs will be in a state of deep grief over the Zionist victims’ loss, but no one really cares about the daily suffering of the Palestinians.

Abdul Aziz Al-Qenaei, who believes that he is a former prisoner of conscience for publishing his opinions and ideas, who has tasted the bitterness of oppression and injustice – as far as he described himself -, today he openly declares his solidarity with a people who are usurpers, murderers, occupiers, committing the same repressive practices against the Palestinian people, with their prisons full of thousands of innocent Palestinian prisoners, whose only crime was only wanting to live freely, in a free homeland, without restrictions or settlements.

Al-Qenaei and his ilk ignored the suffering of the Sheikh Jarrah people at the hands of the settler as well as the occupation soldiers’ violence to prevent them from practicing their religious rituals during this holy month at Al-Aqsa Mosque and the neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Al-Qenaei’s normalization with Israel is old. In May 2020, he sparked a storm of criticism by many Kuwaiti people who saw him on the Israeli Kan channel where he talked about the necessity of normalization with Israel in the technological and medical fields.

After this wave of anger, Al-Qenaei decided to stop tweeting, and he considered these criticisms as “bullying,” adding, “The peace-making process is harder than creating hatred. Peace requires reason, thought, difference, acceptance of the other and humanity, while hatred is fueled by fanaticism and closed-mindedness. Unfortunately, I will leave Twitter due to the difficulty of being in an environment that bullies and hates people for being different. Greetings and peace to all”.

A year later, he comes back strongly to support the Zionists, forgetting all the previous attacks against his actions.

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