The UAE to become a New Israel in the Gulf

“The UAE is turning to become a new Israel in the Gulf”, the Kuwaiti thinker and academic Abdullah Al-Nafisi made this statement in one of his seminars, explaining the changes to the UAE witnessed over the past  years.  
These serious changes are clear to everyone, and it is slowly getting rid of its Arab identity, and becoming only  a reflection of Western cultures.
Al-Nafisi words were shocking at the time, and was considered by many as an exaggeration or at best “super-nationalism”, but, unfortunately, over the days this statement became true, which describe the miserable reality of this Gulf and Arab country, despite being called the United “Arab” Emirates.
On Thursday, the UAE regime announced  the creation of a $10 billion fund aimed at investing in various strategic sectors inside Israel, with a special focus on development initiatives and strengthening economic cooperation between the two countries.
According to the announcement, the UAE is going to invest in strategic sectors in Israel including energy, manufacturing, water, space, health care, agricultural technology and other fields, all of which in fact belong to Palestine in the first place, despite the Arab countries decision to abandon in exchange for nothing.
This fund will be financed by the government and private sector institutions, meaning that the wealth of the Emirati people will be plundered, their energies in the public and private sectors will be exploited and given to the Zionists, to help them further seize the wealth of the Palestinian people.
The announcement came a few hours after a phone call between Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, and Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of the occupied entity, during which they discussed the progress of bilateral relations in light of the normalization agreement that was signed between the two countries last September.
The unreasonable actions of the UAE cannot be explained in any way; why would anyone with an identity ally with his eternal enemy who built his state on the remains of a country of his same nationalism?
The strength and survival of Israel stems from the weakness of the Arabs and the obliteration of their identity definitively.

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