Ebtisam Al-Ketbi: Israel’s Dominance Is Welcome

Since the conclusion of the deal of shame with the Zionist entity, provocative Emirati statements to the feelings of Arabs and Palestinians particularly have been increasingly. These statements only aim to consolidate the position of the Israeli occupation state and legitimatize its tyranny and oppression.

The Emirati Academic Ebtisam Al-Ketbi, President of the Emirates Policy Center, is one of those trumpets who brazenly announced her full support of the treachery agreement between her country and the Zionist occupation state, considering it the best step to achieving peace, stability and security for the region and its people.

She wrote a tweet saying that the Abrahamic Agreement, which requires full normalization of relations with the people of Zion and is made at the expense of the Palestinian people, is a great achievement which “reflects the maturity of the countries involved in it, and may lead to a different Middle East if there is a US administration committed to reducing tensions and settling conflicts in the region”.

It is unclear which conflicts she is referring to, since the occupying state is the main conflict in the Arab region and is behind the dismantling of Arab unity!

Moreover, Al-Ketbi, who is supposed to be one of the elite intellectuals of UAE, chose the Israeli newspaper “Yediot Aharonot” to be a platform for expressing her views and ideas serving the occupation and its agendas, where she confirmed that this agreement allows the UAE to be a mediator to facilitate the dialogue.

All of Al-Ketbi’s statements confirm that Israel is the country with which peace agreements must be concluded, and that it is the savior of the Arab region from the influence of external evil forces, and “surprisingly” it was lacking this specific step to deal with the Arabs and the Palestinians in a peaceful manner that will benefit everyone!

Furthermore, Al-Ketbi stressed in her speeches on the need to embrace the Israelis and their public opinion, as if they were the rightful owners of the lands and we have a temporary disagreement with them that could be resolved by such measures without apology or compensation! She ignored the Palestinian people and their public opinion which is being completely marginalized in those unfair treaties despite their claims of seeking to establish justice and spread peace.

Ironically, a year ago Al-Ketbi considered Israel an enemy state, like other non-Arab regional powers such as Turkey and Iran, and that it is “seeking to expand its influence to become dominant in the region,”, yet her position shifted suddenly where it became necessary to ally with Israel to fight these forces, as if she wants to say: Welcome to dominate us, Israel.

Al-Ketbi is not the first or the last trumpet of Emirati treason, but she is a female, and theories of international relations, peace and reconciliation are characteristics of femininity, and for a woman to be defending an oppressive entity, a usurper; this is an utter parody.

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