Would pressures on the Lebanese people lead to normalization with the occupation entity?

Would pressures on the Lebanese people lead to normalization with the occupation entity?

In his tweet, Hussein Abdel Lahian, the chief assistant to the head of the Iranian Shura Council for international affairs, confirmed on Friday, that the United States, France and Saudi Arabia “are pursuing a policy of not having a strong government in Lebanon, division and weakening the resistance, which is the second aspect of normalizing relations with the Zionist entity and weakening Lebanon.”

Abdel-Lahian added, “There is no doubt that the triangle of resistance, the army and the Lebanese government is the main winner.”

Several press reports spoke of the Israeli occupation’s attempts, through its proxies in the region, to pressure Lebanon to join the path of normalization with the occupation entity, which has not been achieved so far.

 Other media reports attributed working to form a weak non-unified government for the state of Lebanon until now is to direct Lebanon towards normalization with the Zionist entity.

In October 2020, the effects of the declaration of both Lebanon and the occupying Zionist entity on the demarcation of the maritime borders, raised a number of questions about the extent to which Lebanon is willing to normalize relations with the Zionist entity, and whether Lebanon would follow the Emirates and Bahrain at the behest of Saudi Arabia, especially after the Hariri crisis in Riyadh.

The announcement also raised a number of paradoxes, including that the one who announced that Lebanon had entered into an agreement with the Israeli occupation regarding the demarcation of the maritime borders between the two countries was Nabih Berri, the speaker of the Lebanese Parliament, and one of the parties to the so-called Shiite duo, which includes the Amal Movement headed by him, and Hezbollah, which is considered the strongest political party against the practices of the Israeli occupation, and it is the most clashing with the Zionist entity since the Palestinian resistance left Lebanon in 1982.

تفاصيل الخلافات على الحدود البحرية بين لبنان وإسرائيل

This paradox might make you think normalization is far from being achieved, will vanish once you know that the Amal movement led the process the liquidation of the Palestinian resistance in Lebanon after it besieged the Palestinian camps in 1985 for two and a half years, during which it practiced starvation and bombardment against the Palestinians, while the Assad regime undertook cooperation with Hezbollah to end the Palestinian resistance ally, the Lebanese National Resistance Front, after the attempt to assassinate the agent Antoine Lahd, and instead of cooperating to resist the occupied entity, the attempts continued until the participants in the front were chased, kidnapped and assassinated until Hezbollah received the banner of the resistance alone.

So Is Hezbollah rejecting normalization, or was it paving the way with the Amal movement?

The second paradox is that communication and agreement between Lebanon and the occupying Zionist entity takes place at a time when the state of Lebanon is going through a severe economic crisis due to the political crisis in the country, that it may seem that the US and France intervened in the interest of Lebanon, not in the interest of normalization with the Zionist enemy.

The collapse of the Lebanese economy and the exacerbation of the crises of hunger and poverty in the country, as well as the scandals that appeared after the explosion of the Beirut port, and the outbreak of widespread fires, all of these crises caused a state of despair among the Lebanese people who was waiting things to move in the interest of the people, but the crisis worsened.

Is the process of aggravating the internal situation in Lebanon and spreading despair in the hearts of its people bring made to force people to accept normalization to improve their conditions, or are they just crises that occur in all countries?

The situation in Lebanon now has only one explanation, which is to create and deepen a state of hostility to everything related to the Palestinian cause. All of this is done under the umbrella of the resistance to the Israeli occupation on the part of the Lebanese resistance represented by Hezbollah, so that the two regimes meet on the table to agree to normalization and sign the agreement.

The role of the UAE and Saudi Arabia with America and Europe in the region, has become to support tyranny and fight freedom in all Arab countries, to end any possibilities of popular rejection of normalization with the Israeli occupation state, and in return, create broad economic, political and cultural paths.

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