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What Plans Israel has For the UAE?

What Plans Israel has For the UAE?

“The next step is very, very close.”, said one of the health sector officials of the occupation entity, commenting on the Israeli news that a medical team from the largest Israeli hospitals travelled to Dubai to provide treatment services to security personnel in the UAE.

Under a 3-year contract, the Israeli Sheba Hospital, near Tel Aviv, will cooperate with the Medical Treatment Center in Dubai, where the occupying entity would send doctors to conduct face-to-face diagnostic procedures for about 350 diabetic patients from the security in the UAE army, police and firefighting sectors.

أعلام الإمارات وإسرائيل - أرشيفية

This step is considered a great victory for the Zionists, who will try to exploit it to consolidate their bases in the Arab countries, as confirmed by the head of the international department at Sheba Hospital, “Yael Har Even”, who said that they “are moving quickly to establish a permanent presence in the UAE,” adding, “The next step is very, very close,”, however, no one knows what this statement refers to, nor what is the next step that the Zionist official is talking about.

This announcement comes a few days after Abu Dhabi announced an investment of about $10 billion in projects within the occupied entity, financed from allocations from the UAE government and private sector institutions.

Would Israel treat the Emiratis with their money?

These consecutive announcements about the increase in cooperation initiatives between the UAE and the occupation entity in the various sectors are a bad omen for the Arab and Islamic nation, especially at a time when violations against the Palestinian people who were robbed of their lands are increasing, and are being threatened to lose their sanctities as well as the loss of their identity due to the brutal practices of the inhumane occupation. Would it not have been better for the UAE to invest its money for the development of Palestine, which is being destroyed by Israeli forces nonstop?

توقيع اتفاق بين الإمارات وإسرائيل على إلغاء تأشيرات الدخول – أنا حوا أنا  حوا –

It should be noted that the UAE has not led any initiative to achieve peace with regard to the Palestinian issue, for which it claimed that it concluded the normalization agreement specifically for, in order to protect the interests of the Palestinians and ensure that they obtain their right, and work with all force to stop settlement projects! On the contrary, the construction of new settlement units is in constant progress, and the UAE has not moved a finger.

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