Unlimited Treason: UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv and a Jewish Community Association in the Gulf

Unlimited Treason: UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv and a Jewish Community Association in the Gulf

On Tuesday, the Israeli Kan channel published a report on its website in which the Jewish community in the gulf announced establishing an association for them in all the Gulf States, although the occupation state does not have official relations with some countries in the gulf. 

The Association of Gulf Jewish Communities will operate from the UAE, and will be present in all six Gulf countries (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait). The association aims to provide religious services to Jews who come from various countries to the Gulf countries, whether for short-term tourism, or to work and reside in those countries.

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The Jewish rabbi, Elie Abbadi, who is considered the spiritual leader of this new organization, stated that the new organization will work to increase the number of Jews in the Gulf countries, by providing job and residency opportunities, and inviting them for tourism while overcoming the obstacles that would affect the Jewish presence in the Gulf. The organisation’s services will also include establishing a “kashrut” agency (halal food) in all Gulf countries as well as a Jewish court.

The rabbi also made clear that this new organization is a private initiative and he hopes that all Gulf States would cooperate with it, especially after opening their doors to the Jewish community.

The head of the Jewish community in Bahrain, Abraham Nono, the future director of the new organization, said that the aim of of such organisation is to unify the resources of the Jews, and to provide halal food that is in line with Jewish legislation, as well as providing religious assistance to the community, and taking care of the burial of their dead, and many other services.

He also hopes that the initiative make the Jews not feel isolated, improve their lives of the few Jews in Kuwait in particular and the Gulf states in general.

Popular anger

In response to that step, Arab social media users in the Gulf countries and other countries criticized those normalization steps headed by the UAE, and warned against the exploitation of those institutions which are spreading in the UAE and Bahrain in particular, and willing to expand to the rest of the Gulf countries in general, to carry out intelligence and political security missions that harm countries and peoples.

They affirmed their complete rejection of all steps of normalization with the Zionist enemy and their stance against recognizing its legitimacy, which is agreed on by all Arab peoples despite the actions of regimes that suppress freedoms of peoples and the Arab Spring revolutions.

 UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv and a Jewish Community Association in the Gulf

Those regimes are taking advantage of the event to reopen the bloody Israeli violations record against the Palestinian people and the sanctities of the Islamic nation.

UAE Embassy in Tel Aviv

Eitan Naih, ambassador of the occupation state to Abu Dhabi, commented on Twitter on the appointment of his Emirati counterpart in Tel Aviv, Mohamed Mahmoud Al Khaja, saying: “Congratualtions to Mohamed Mahmoud Fateh Ali Al-Khaja on assuming the position of the first ambassador of the UAE to the State of Israel, and we wish him success and luck. ”.

The opening of the embassy is expected to take place within the next few days in Tel Aviv.

The Zionist occupation state had signed agreements to normalize official relations with the two regimes in Bahrain and the UAE, under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, in mid-September.

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