The UAE flag raised in Israeli celebrations.. Is peace made now?

The UAE flag raised in Israeli celebrations.. Is peace made now?

The “Israel in the Gulf” account published a video clip of an “Israeli” citizen wearing Emirati clothes and dancing to celebrate the Israeli Purim, carrying the UAE flag as if it was his country’s flag, with Israeli songs playing in the background.

The video of the Israeli citizen is very shameful. It is not a positive thing to see the flag of one of the Arab countries flying in Israeli celebrations. Were these the top dreams of  Bin Zayed’s regime?

The account which originally published the video is great evidence that the Zionist project is close to achieving its full goals. This official account of the occupying entity was written in a box that described it as “the official account of the virtual embassy of Israel in the Gulf states dedicated to promoting dialogue with the peoples of these countries”. The Zionists hoping to have their embassies opened in all Gulf countries, and they have already begun preparing for this.

The UAE flag raised in Israeli celebrations

The same account shared a video from IDEX Abu Dhabi in its background the famous Hebrew “Hava Nagila”  song was playing, bragging that this is the real peace!

Which peace are they talking about?! Was the UAE ever in a direct war with Israel in order to justify that this normalization was originally a quest for peace?

The real war is clear. It is between Israel and Arabism in its entirety, which tried to eliminate it in Palestine, usurped its lands and displaced its people. As long as Israel continues committing these violations, how could peace be achieved??

Efforts to make this normalization between the bin Zayed regime and the Zionists are going at full swing, however, the problem is how do they allow themselves to speak on behalf of peace while they cause calamities of wars in the region.

On the one hand, the Zionist entity does not stop its continuous attempts to end the Palestinian cause and the erasure of the identity of the Palestinians, without any considerations for the Arabs, who concluded a “peace” treaty with them as they claims.

Yet, despite the normalization, the Emirati regime continues to fuel and escalate the armed conflicts in a number of Arab countries like Libya and Yemen.

Which peace is it?!

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