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The Israeli Occupation and UAE: Encouraging Normalization in exchange of Corona Vaccines

The Israeli Occupation and UAE: Encouraging Normalization in exchange of Corona Vaccines

On Tuesday, the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper, of the Israeli occupation, said that during an interview with the occupation state’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli Occupation Army Radio Netanyahu said that he is currently studying with the government giving a quantity of Corona vaccines to a new country from Islamic and Arab countries that has no relations with the occupation state, provided that the government of that country agrees to sign an agreement Normalization with the occupation state, and takes serious steps to achieve the agreement on all social, economic, political, cultural and military grounds. The newspaper indicated that this came within a dialogue.

The newspaper pointed out that the Israeli occupation state has purchased excess quantities of Coronavirus vaccines, to seduce some developing and poor countries that do not have the ability to buy vaccines in exchange for signing the normalisation agreement, like the UAE, which is likely to be the friendly county Netanyahu said he is coordinating with.

الإعلام الإسرائيلي يكشف عن فحوى أول وثيقة رسمية بين الإمارات وإسرائيل - RT  Arabic

Netanyahu added that the Israeli occupation government considers this step very important for its future and to break the siege and isolation that it has been living since the occupation of the State of Palestine.

The government of the occupation state will continue to support countries in need as long as they have the financial ability to do so in order to build a better future for themselves and normalize their relations with other countries in the Arab and Muslim worlds.

The newspaper highlighted that the occupation state has purchased excessive quantities than it needs, with the knowledge of the exporting countries, however, it is obligated to distribute and vaccinate the largest possible number of citizens of the occupation state before distributing these vaccines to other countries even if the aim was normalizing their relations with as many countries as possible.

The Commissioner for Confronting the Corona Crisis in the Occupation State Commenting on this saying that his administration is obligated to vaccinate 80% of the settlers of the occupation state, and Israel may resort to the herd immunity policy in the future.

مذكرة تفاهم لتعزيز الروابط في قطاعي الأعمال والتكنولوجيا بين الإمارات  وإسرائيل

In the same context, foreign media said that the Israeli occupation state had agreed with Moscow on a deal worth one million two hundred thousand US dollars, in order to provide the Bashar al-Assad regime with the Corona vaccine “Sputnik” in exchange for the release and return of the young Israeli who crossed the borders and entered Syria two weeks ago, as well as normalizing with the Israeli occupation state.

It is worth noting that normalization with the occupying power began last September after the UAE and Bahrain signed an agreement of normalization with the Israeli occupation state under the auspices of former United States President Donald Trump, where the American White House hosted the summit of the signing of the normalization agreement. In exchange for removing Sudan from the list of countries supporting terrorism, Sudan normalised its relations as well, followed by Morocco which fully restored its relations with the occupying state, after it had cut its relations with it during the outbreak of the Palestinian uprising in 2000.

All of the normalising countries exchanged flights with Tel Aviv. The UAE, Bahrain, and Sudan, started an educational normalization race, while Morocco is still arranging for it amid a broad wave of rejection from the Moroccan unions.

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