“Number One” is at the crosshairs of the popular storm against normalization

“Number One” is at the crosshairs of the popular storm against normalization

After becoming very popular within a few years, Mohamed Ramadan thought that he could dictate to the Egyptian people and the Arab peoples what he wanted, and they had to accept what he accepted and they must cheer for everything he does, but he was shocked by a wave of popular anger, which put his artistic future at risk. 

A large number of people have been criticizing Ramadan since he started acting, where they accused him of supporting the spread of bullying in the streets of Egypt. He was shocked recently with a new hit, as he appeared with famous people from the Zionist occupation state in UAE, the state of plots against the Arab world.

Ramadan stood with a big smile on his face taking memorial photos with an Emirati typewriter and celebrities from the occupation state, with Israeli songs played in the background.  The pictures showed a kind of friendship between them, unlike Ramadan’s claims that it was random pictures with fans, whom he did not ask about their nationality, considering it illogical to ask everyone who was photographed with him about his identity.

Moments after the spread of these images, a storm of popular anger by the Egyptian people began, rejecting what Ramadan did. This wave of anger affected his long years of work where he was able to achieve a unique public success among artists in Egypt until he called himself Number One, meaning the first.

This wave of popular anger forced him to apologize repeatedly, then to change his avatar to the flag of Palestine, however, people remained angry so he sought the help of the military intelligence to clear his image and published a picture of him wearing his military service clothes. He also shared clips of his movies fighting terrorism, however, nothing worked.

The Egyptian people will not accept the normalization

This is the main headline and the clear result of the campaign of the Egyptian masses against Ramadan, the campaign in which the Egyptian people emphasized that they hate the occupation, “We will not normalize with Israel, and we will not accept it as our partner even if you accepted it at the top of power, art, and sports. Those are your personal interests and those are our principles and our morals.”.

The stance of the Egyptian people is no different from the stance of the Arab peoples, which still refuse and refuse the regimes’ normalizations with those who occupy the land and sanctities of Palestine, of the Muslims and Arabs.

The Union rejects and punishes

In response to Ramadan’s actions, Technical Syndicates Union in Egypt announced that Ramadan will be suspended from work pending an investigation with him.

The Syndicate of Theatrical Professions in Egypt also published on its official Facebook page the decision of the moratorium, which stipulated: “The Union of Technical Syndicates decided in its session held today (Monday) to suspend Mohamed Ramadan, member of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions for one week until December 2020, until he is investigated.”.

For its part, the Syndicate of Journalists issued a statement that supported the popular reactions against Ramadan, explaining that he violated the regulations of the Syndicate of Theatrical Professions, which stipulated the rejection and denunciation of all forms of normalization with the Israeli occupation state. The union obligated members of the General Assembly to boycott his news and not to publish his photo on any press platform until the completion of his investigations.

On the other hand, sources confirmed that Ramadan did not take these pictures innocently, but permission came to him from some of the men of power to support the UAE in its normalization process. , and to try to brainwash the Egyptians and make them forget the painful past we had at the hands of the Zionists. Ramadan did not succeed, and critics considered this a bad scene for Ramadan.

According to the number of specialists, Ramadan faced this campaign supported by official institutions, because he did not clearly coordinate with the Egyptian authorities and did not obtain permission except individually from a number of personalities, which tried to get closer to power but magically turned against the magician.

This does not mean that the authorities rejected what Ramadan did, but rather refused his move without taking direct orders from them.

Artists against normalization

For their part, Egyptian artists declared their rejection of Ramadan’s acts, stressing that they reject normalization completely, always and never. For example, singer and composer Amr Mostafa posted on his Facebook page, saying (The big numbers on YouTube and Facebook, fame, aircraft and media have a price, paid with a picture. He is a burnt card. Wrong is always loud, but the truth always wins.

With all these responses, given that media channels were confused as to which stance to take, and those who like to take unclear stances “always holding the stick from the middle”, the only clear message remains:

“We the Arab peoples, do not accept betrayal of the cause”

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