Treason in exchange for vaccines: Mauritania is preparing to receive vaccines for the Zionist occupation

Treason in exchange for vaccines: Mauritania is preparing to receive vaccines for the Zionist occupation

The “Jerusalem Post” newspaper said that the government of the Zionist occupation state is preparing to send a shipment of Corona virus vaccines to Mauritania.

In 1992 Mauritania established diplomatic relations with the occupying Zionist entity which lasted until 2010. Mauritania then decided to cut its relations with the occupying entity due to the Cast Lead Operation war launched by the Israeli occupation on Gaza.

The newspaper indicated that Nouakchott was close to restoring relations with Israel over the past the few months, however negotiations were not completed due to the defeat of former US President Donald Trump in the US presidential elections.

إسرائيل | موريتانيا.. 200 عالم يفتون بحرمة التطبيع مع إسرائيل - تحريم

The newspaper asked a high-ranking Israeli official whether sending vaccines is a sign of positive relations with Mauritania?, and his answer was “we send vaccinations to countries we have good relations with”.

Popular rejection

In early February, with news of the imminent normalization of relations between Mauritania and the Zionist occupation, two hundred Mauritanian scholars issued a fatwa forbidding the normalization of relations with the Zionist occupation state, considering that dealing with this entity that occupies the land and sanctities of Muslims should in no way be normalised with, nor should there be recognition of the occupation’s sovereignty on the land and sanctities of Muslims.

The signatories included the Mauritanian scholar Sheikh: Mohamed Abdel Rahman, and Sheikh Mohamed Al-Hassan Ould Al-Daw.

The statement issued by the scholars of Mauritania also indicated that the relationship with the occupying entity which usurped the land of Palestine is forbidden and not permissible, and normalization with it is considered as full support to the Zionists and all their actions including the siege, killing, displacement and destruction in Palestine, and that it has nothing to do with reconciliation as some scholars in countries which already normalized relations with the occupying entity claim.  They stressed that the religion completely refuses the recognition that the Israelis have any right in the land of Palestine.

Target Countries

The newspaper said that there are twenty countries that Israel aims to send vaccines to, so that the share of each country would be between 1000 and 5000 vaccines.

The final list of those countries has not been concluded yet, but it includes Chad, Ethiopia, Guinea, Kenya, the Maldives, Uganda, and other countries, and surprisingly the Palestinian Authority headed by Mahmoud Abbas Abu Mazen.

 The newspaper added that negotiations are underway between the occupation and Cyprus, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, to agree to end the necessary procedures for sending vaccines. The Czech Republic is expected to open a diplomatic office in occupied Jerusalem during March, and Equatorial Guinea announced its intention to open an embassy in the occupied city of Jerusalem.

Those governments will have to receive the vaccines themselves, as the occupying entity will not ship them at its expense, which resulted in strong criticism of the Netanyahu government, who decided this without consulting the Minister of Foreign Affairs or the Israeli Defense Minister who said  that Netanyahu’s actions must be of a highly and urgent security and political need.

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