Israelis Roaming Free In Morocco

Israelis Roaming Free In Morocco

The Moroccan and Israeli Interior Ministers Discussing a Mutual Exemption of Visas

After years of banning Israelis from entering the country, Israeli citizens will be enabled to enter Morocco without the need to obtain a visa.

Israelis Roaming Free In Morocco

The news was spread through the Israeli media outlets, but the Arab media did not disclose any of this news in fear of their peoples.
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The Israeli Interior Minister, Aryeh Deri, confirmed that he had spoken on the phone on Monday with his Moroccan counterpart Abdelouafi Laftit and they discussed mutual exemption of travel visas between the two countries.

Deri tweeted “This morning I spoke with my counterpart, the Moroccan Minister of Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, and we decided to form teams, to facilitate the entry of foreign workers into the nursing industry and exemption from visas. I also shared with him memories of my hometown in Meknes and we exchanged invitations to visit Israel and Morocco”.

This statement came after the normalization agreement between Morocco and the Zionist entity took place last month by an Israeli delegation headed by Jared Kushner, an advisor to the former US President, Donald Trump. Since then, Morocco has been providing services to the Zionists, more than they ever imaged.  

Since the Jews left morocco, Jews used to hide their Jewish identity, given the Moroccan people’s stance towards the Palestinian cause. However, Morocco is now allowing them to roam the country without hiding their identity.

An opinion poll conducted by the Arab Opinion Index showed that the Moroccan peoples are still strongly against the recognition of Israel, unlike the official steps taken by the Moroccan government to normalize relations with Tel Aviv.

According to Middle East Eye, the Arab Opinion Index survey was carried out until September 2020 and was based on face-to-face interviews with 28,000 individuals from 13 Arab countries, including Morocco.

The results of the survey showed that participants from Morocco, Jordan, Palestine, Lebanon, Egypt and Mauritania considered Israel to be the main threat facing their countries.

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