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Israel: “Sisi Wouldn’t Abandon Us”

Israel: “Sisi Wouldn’t Abandon Us”

The new changes in the US system were superficial with regards to the services provided to the occupation state, as the replacement of the extreme right-wing former US president, Donald Trump – who has provided the occupation state with huge services, with the democratic successor, Joe Biden, who is also affiliated with the occupation but tries to hide his similar services behind an image of respecting the opponent, but it changed the regions’ alliances.

Nevertheless, a single alliance was not affected by any changes in the region which rather increased and that is the alliance of Sisi and Israel.

Israel: “Sisi Wouldn’t Abandon Us”

This is a one-way relationship; Eastern subordination to the west without any changes to whether Israel is strong or weak has allies or alone. Egypt always stands behind the occupation state as a follower, not a counterpart. This strange situation has completely stabilized since Sisi’s rise to power in Egypt through a Military coup in 2013.

This was not the same form of the Egyptian Israeli alliance during Mubarak’s era, who tried to deliver an independent image of Egypt to the media, which made it difficult to convince the masses of the subordination of Mubarak’s decision to the occupation, as Mubarak used aphorisms during his talks about the peace negotiations with Israel, in which he showed himself as a party with an independent character.


As for Morsi’s era, which was marked by tension between the Egyptian-Israeli sides that never been witnessed until the time of the war. 

Morsi never uttered the name of Israel throughout his rule even once. He dispatched Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Qandil to Gaza during the Israeli attack on Gaza in early 2013, for Egypt to announce unilaterally from the Gaza Strip, the end of the attack, and send warnings to Israel in this regard.

Perhaps Hisham Kandil’s visit to the Gaza Strip is the only time where the Egyptian regime used the Rafah crossing as a means of real pressure on the occupation, instead of using it always to restrict the Palestinians and deprive them of their rights and to assist the Israeli blockade imposed on them. Egypt tightened the grip on the crossings until it became easier for Palestinians to go through the occupation crossings than to go through the Egyptian Rafah crossing, which shares the Arabic tongue and Muslim blood.

Israeli confidence

Days before the end of the US elections, the Israeli “National Security Research Centre” expected that in the case of Biden’s winning, the future of the relationship between Israel and the Egyptian regime under Sisi will be greatly affected.

In a report prepared by researchers Ofer Ventur and Zvi Lev, expectations that Biden’s victory would put mutual opportunities at risk, given the hard-line position Biden is likely to adopt towards the Egyptian regime, which would increase the regime’s attachment to the occupation state, and this, in turn, would make the occupation state prompted to intervene with the new administration to change its approach, based on the assumption that the road to Washington “passes through Israel”.

The report pointed out that following Egypt’s 2013 coup, the Egyptian regime had previously asked the right-wing government led by Benjamin Netanyahu to intervene with the Barack Obama administration to change its position towards the new regime, and this was achieved by Israel lobby organizations in the US.

The report added that the realization of this scenario depends on the extent and strength of Israel’s influence on the new US administration, pointing to the growing influence of the progressive movement within the Democratic Party, which is currently adopting a hard-line stance towards the Egyptian regime.

International reports

On the other hand, the report warned that if Israel was unable to stop the Biden administration; this would be causing tension between Washington and Cairo and harm Israel’s strategic interests, due to Washington’s great influence on the relationship between Cairo and Tel Aviv.

The report called on decision-makers in Tel Aviv to warn the Donald Trump administration that its pressure on the Egyptian regime, regarding the human rights file, would strengthening the status of the Muslim Brotherhood. The report ruled out that the regime would boycott the US administration if Biden wins, as it depends entirely on the relationship with Russia and China, given that the US provides aid worth $ 1.3 billion to Egypt annually.

The Egyptian-Israeli alliance has entered the final phase of complete integration, in which Sisi completely subordinated Egypt to the Israeli decision, where Egypt’s dependence on the occupation has become an unquestionable matter and was abandoning this alliance will be of the high cost.

Egypt today needs a new October War!

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