Hundreds Join “United against Normalization” in Arab and Islamic Countries

Hundreds Join “United against Normalization” in Arab and Islamic Countries

The general Arab conference “United against Normalization” took place on over the internet on February 21 and 22, 2021, with the participation of people from most Arab Countries.

The conference aimed to unify fronts resisting the normalization that some Arab regimes rush to with the aim of eliminating the Palestinian cause, ending wars and internal conflicts.

This conference was sponcered by The Arab National Conference, the Islamic National Conference and the General Conference for Arab Parties, as well as Al-Quds International Foundation, the Arab Advancement Front and the Arab Left Meeting.

Numerous leaders of the movements resisting normalization with the Zionist occupation, parties, conferences, institutions, active Islamic movements, and Christian sects gave speech during the conference which had many different effective political, intellectual and ideological figures in the majority of countries in the Arab world.

الخبر-الكويت تحسم موقفها من التطبيع وترد على ترامب

The discussions of the first session of the conference took place after leaders of the resistance in Lebanon and Palestine spoke, directing strong criticism to governments which normalized relations with the Zionist occupation state, as they considered their actions -especially the UAE and Saudi Arabia- as a treason to the Palestinian cause, adding new obstacles to the restoration of the occupied lands and the liberation of Al-Aqsa, describing this as  a betrayal of peoples, sanctities and religions.

They also called on all actors in resisting normalization to interact and revitalize the Arab arena against the systematic campaign launched against the Palestinian cause and the resistance.

The importance of the conference

This conference is the first of its kind to unify the efforts of those working to resist normalization, hence the importance of forming a united Arab front against the project of normalization and integration of the occupying state with the Arab and Islamic surroundings against the will of the peoples, while neglecting the Palestinian cause, ending it and make turning it to a memory.

نتنياهو يقود عسكر السودان الى "حظيرة التطبيع" بجانب الإمارات والبحرين  ..والسعودية عالطريق | وطن يغرد خارج السرب

This conference works on confronting the Zionist-American project, under the auspices of the former US President Donald Trump, and the UAE on behalf of some Arab normalizing regimes.

Ideas and Theories

During the conference, many topics and ideas were discussed, the most prominent of which were “Normalization, confrontation and challenging” as well as “Normalization: the reality and confrontation at the political level, the economic level, the security and military level, the Legal and Legal Level, the Media and Cultural Level, the Psychological and Cultural Level, the Educational and Academic Level, and at the Popular Level.

The attendees also discussed the legal aspects of the crimes of the Israeli occupation, and presented working papers on ways to oppose the processes of normalization under the auspices of Arab governments. These papers include the experiences of the movements, institutions and bodies in confronting the crime of normalization, each institution or body according to the country in which it is located, the rate of success and failures of the experiment, and how to sustain these experiments amid the state of oppression that the Arab peoples are subjected to after the waves of counter-revolution led by the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Success Elements of this Initiative

Despite the success of this first conference, it needs new ideas, proposals, experiences and support to carry on resisting normalization, such as:

• Uniting the resistance forces in the Arab region and in all arenas, and re-establishing the issue of conflict with the Zionist enemy as a top priority on the agendas of all resistance movements, political, military, economy, cultural and other factions.

• The need to work on reforming and ending the internal conflict in all countries in order to establish a strong nation free from corruption, oppression and injustice.

• Using technology and scientific development in serving the cause, marketing it and influencing the internal and external public opinion.

• Uniting all efforts in the Arab region, while seeking to open up to the countries of Turkey, Iran and the East Asian countries.

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