Tunisian Novelist Kamel Riahi: UAE Money in Exchange for Normalization A widespread debate erupted between writers and thinkers about the crime of cultural normalization with Israel, sparked by an obscure director of a government institution, who suddenly turned into a wealthy Arab with Emirati money, in return for normalization with Israel. Two weeks ago, the...كروس-Recovered-eg-011.jpg

What Plans Israel has For the UAE? “The next step is very, very close.”, said one of the health sector officials of the occupation entity, commenting on the Israeli news that a medical team from the largest Israeli hospitals travelled to Dubai to provide treatment services to security personnel in the UAE. Under a 3-year...كروس-Recovered-032121.jpg

UAE blackmails Pakistan to Normalize Relations with the Occupation Entity In the United Arab Emirates positions towards the Arab and Muslim countries, and to the Zionist entity which occupies Palestine is shameful. The government of the UAE began to take sanction measures against Pakistan after Islamabad refused Abu Dhabi’s mediation of the normalization of relations...تويتر-انجليزي-1.jpg

The Biden administration Rejects the Fund for Supporting Development Projects between the Occupation and the UAE After the signing of the normalization agreement (The Abraham Agreement) between the United Arab Emirates and the occupied Zionist entity five months ago, the United States, the official sponsor of the normalization agreement, agreed to establish a fund worth...كروس-Recovered-eg-001.jpg

The Israeli Occupation and UAE: Encouraging Normalization in exchange of Corona Vaccines On Tuesday, the “Jerusalem Post” newspaper, of the Israeli occupation, said that during an interview with the occupation state’s Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli Occupation Army Radio Netanyahu said that he is currently studying with the government giving a quantity of Corona...تويتر-انجليزي-1.jpg

Mohamed Al Khaja: The Unprecedented Shame Once again, affiliates of the UAE system affirm that they deserve titles of treachery and betrayal. Mohamed Mahmoud Al-Khaja, the first ambassador of the UAE to Israel, and although he is not the first Arab ambassador to the occupying entity, he is the first to attempt to consolidate the...كروس-Recovered-انجليزي.jpg

Dubai’s Money in Tel Aviv: Unprecedented Trade Exchange between UAE and Israel Unusually news like this would be published in Hebrew newspapers, which have always celebrated their “achievements” in normalization with Arab countries despite the popular Arab rejection of the occupation. This time the UAE, a regime even more vicious than its counterpart in Israel,...
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