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January 6, 20210كروس-السودان-عريض-1280x720.jpg

Lies of Sudanese Normalisers Exposed

Sudan has been witnessing ongoing crises since the overthrow of former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir, who left the country in debts due to the blockade USA imposed on Sudan since 1993, in addition to the economic and political crisis which Sudan has been through for thirty years of his rule.


The major crisis for the Sudanese people was when the Sudanese military came to power and normalized with Israel in exchange for removing it from the list of terrorism.


Since Sudan, represented by the Sovereignty Council headed by Abdel-Fattah Al-Burhan, announced its acceptance of normalization with the occupying entity, under the pretext of solving the state’s crises, however Sudan continues to suffer from several crises including the fuel crisis, bread and wheat, and the exchange rate of the dollar, which toppled the value of the Sudanese currency.


These internal crises have nothing to do with international agreements, unless Israel is forming a Zionist government to rule Sudan.

Is US reforming the region with Sudan’s leadership?

Another group of supporters of the normalization say that the US is about to reform the entire region again, in which Sudan will be leading, given its size as a large country and its geopolitical position.

According to them, the US is seeking to curb Chinese and Russian expansion in Africa, and Iranian expansion in the Gulf region, and this requires Sudan to be ready for leadership in the new region formation.

Sudan today cannot be blackmailed

Another group of supporters of normalization with the Zionist state say that the normalization agreement was not dictated to the state of Sudan nor was it blackmailed to sign it.

They claim that the decision came within the framework of the importance of the Sudanese interests in the region, and the agreement is not a crime nor is it an occupation of our country.

Nevertheless, Trump and the occupation state announced the agreement before informing the forces of change inside Sudan about it, which proves the false allegations of this group.

Normalization was a main condition to lift Sudan from the list of states sponsoring terrorism after paying compensation to the families of the victims.

The people support Sudan

A third group claims that the news about general popular rejection of the normalization agreement is not true. They consider the silence of the people and not protesting as an evidence of people’s acceptance of the normalisation and supporting the Sovereignty Council. This does not mean that there are some who are against Israel itself but comply with the decision out of respect for their country. 

It is clear that this group have forgotten the distress and poverty of the Sudanese people. They forgot the drowning houses, lands, streets, and the lack of means to survive. They forgot these entire crisis and considered people’s silence as compliance.

They forgot that the majority of people are youth who reject dictatorships, the Jews, and traitors in our countries, and that they support Palestine, Al-Aqsa, and all issues of the nation.

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